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testCase rules and testCase equivalence.

From: Jim Ley <jim@jibbering.com>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 18:05:37 +0100
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Chaals has 2 use cases relevant to the ruleSet

Find me everything that conforms to WCAG 1.1 AAA.
Find me everything that conforms to WCAG 1.1 AAA that uses ruleSet's I 

The first is an argument for a single testCase identifier for WCAG 1.1 AAA, 
since if it's not all the same ID,
 it's difficult to query for passing of that ID.

This appears to be chaals's idea:
<earl:Assertion rdf:ID="#assertion">
  <earl:assertedBy rdf:resource="#assertor"/>
  <earl:subject rdf:resource="#subject"/>
  <earl:testcase rdf:resource="#testcase"/>
</earl:Assertion>This is how it looks if it was part of the 
testcase:<earl:Assertion rdf:ID="#assertion">
  <earl:assertedBy rdf:resource="#assertor"/>
  <earl:subject rdf:resource="#subject"/>
  <earl:testcase rdf:about="http://jibbering.com/myWCAG1testCase"> 
<earl:ruleSet rdf:resource="http://jibbering.com/myOwl"/> 
<something:equivalentTo rdf:resource="http://www.w3.org/WAI/wcag1#AAA"/> 
<earl:Assertion rdf:resource="#otherAssertion1"/> <earl:Assertion 
</earl:Assertion>I believe the 2nd is a lot easier to query, if we assume 
owl as therulelanguage we just need to add owl saying that myTestCase and 
wcagAAA are the same,then we can easily do the simple query of "give meall 
the tools that pass wcag 1.1 test case" can still be done, howeverif you 
instead want to limit yourself to x,y,z test cases you can justprovide the 
same owl rules x,y,z are equivalent to WCAG1AAAItrust andthen query for 
assertions that meet that testcase.If something:equivalentTo was 
rdfs:subProperty - which I think is also sound,then even my crappy 
javascript RDF parser is going to manage it.The query for pass test case X 
and use ruleset Y is more complicatedto achieve - well assuming you have an 
RDF tool that can do equivalent(or rdfs:subProperty), however even for non 
owl aware tool, I don'tthink it's as easy as encoding rules about 
equivalence of testcases.Jim. 
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