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Re: Scope for EARL

From: Nils Ulltveit-Moe <nils@u-moe.no>
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 11:06:18 +0100
To: Johannes Koch <johannes.koch@fit.fraunhofer.de>
Cc: public-wai-ert@w3.org
Message-Id: <1111572379.18246.83.camel@moe-ulltveit-moe.com>

Hi Johannes

EARL may also be useful for integrating test results from heterogenous
systems in a standardised way. E.g. a test tool being able to run both
JUnit, pyUnit and Tcl/expect based tests suites and integrate the EARL
reports to show test coverage where several programming languages are

Maybe also for testing interfaces against standards. (E.g. W3C generates
EARL machine readable reports from the DOM test suite tests.)

One thing that probably is holding back EARL adoption, is the lack of
good libraries facilitating both easy generation of EARL reports and an
easy call interface for performing the tests. This is maybe outside the
scope of the ERT group, but is something we in the WAB cluster EU
project will consider doing. A prototype test interface and library
would be released under the W3C licence.

Nils Ulltveit-Moe

ons, 23,.03.2005 kl. 10.00 +0100, skrev Johannes Koch:
> Yesterday Gabriele asked me if EARL should only be used for 
> accessibility test results. I think EARL can be used for other tests, 
> too. What do you think?
Nils Ulltveit-Moe <nils@u-moe.no>
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