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Re: EARL and describing tests Re: Agenda for F2F at TP

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 18:01:36 -0500
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Le 08 mars 2005, à 10:01, Charles McCathieNevile a écrit :
> I think Jim is right that we need to be able to identify tests, and 
> provide at least basic descriptions of them.

Identifying the test makes completely sense and the first thing which 
comes to mind is a URI.

Description of the test seems something more difficult to handle by the 
nature itself of testing. I would expect that when I know the URI I 
have a way to retrieve the description information. I'm not sure about 
the requirement of having it _into_ EARL.

Practical example:

Story: I'm going out only if the temperature is +25°C, it's sunny, and 
it's sunday.

	Assertion: Do you go out? <URI_assertion>
		Test 1: if T > 25 -> yes, if T < 25 -> no
		Test 2: if W = sun -> yes, if W = rain -> no
		Test 3: if D = sunday -> yes, if D = Monday, ..., Saturday -> no
	Report: (EARL)
		Assertion yes, no, comment

So the basic thing to know is that is the purpose of EARL to report the 
result of passing a test case, or to report the answers to a number of 
	(Sometimes assertions can be test cases, BUT it's not necessary always 
the case, depending on what you want of EARL).

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