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requirements for test sample management system

From: Christophe Strobbe <christophe.strobbe@esat.kuleuven.be>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 12:48:26 +0200
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To: TSDTF <public-wai-ert-tsdtf@w3.org>


I have an (unrecorded) action item to write up draft requirements for 
a test sample management system. This has become more urgent because 
of the migration of the wiki.

Here's a list of requirements:
* an overview (which I will call "status list" from here on) of all 
the test samples; this overview should show:
   - test sample ID,
   - a link to the HTML version of the XML metadata,
   - links to the structure reviews (possibly with identification of 
the reviewers or reviewers),
   - links to the content reveiws (possibly with identification of 
the reviewers or reviewers),
   - the status of the test sample,
   - the submitter: organization (if any) and contact information 
(e-mail is sufficient),
   - links to issues that need to be fed back to WCAG WG.
   (This mirrors what we have at 
   It should also be possible to filter and sort this overview by at 
least ID and status.
   Nice to have in the status list:
     - filtering based on "features" used in the test samples,
     - filtering based on techniques and failures covered by the test samples.
   (The status list at <http://tinyurl.com/ynu7q4> has some sorting 
options but no filtering.)

* an HTML view of the metadata of each test sample;
   see the links in the column "test sample ID" at <http://tinyurl.com/ynu7q4>.
   - This HTML view also contains links to both the metadata file and 
the HTML file or files.
   - For the sake of greater automation of the structure reviews, 
this view should also link
     to validation reports (or funcationality to generate them) for 
both XSD validation and
     ISO Schematron validation.
   - The section "relevant technique/failure" should also provide the 
title of the technique
     or failure instead of only the identifier.
   - Links to WBS questionnaires where the test sample was surveyed.

Notes regarding the status list:
- The XML metadata contains an element for status 
   but reviewers have only edited the status in the wiki. Ideally, 
status is tracked in the XML
   metadata and the status list pulls the status from the XML, so 
that the status list does not
   get out of sync with the XML metadata.
- The status list in the wiki contains several tables: one for the 
current WCAG 2 draft,
   "the previous table" (for test samples that map to the May 2007 
draft and test samples
   for the April 2006 draft which still needed to be updated to a 
more recent draft), and
   a table with "obsolete test samples" (test samples with the status 
"deprecated" because there
   was no matching technique or failure, and JSP test samples).
   So we would also need to be able to filter and sort the test 
samples by WCAG 2 draft.

What we already have:
- XSLT to generate HTML view of each test sample's XML metadata.
- Ant script (using more XSLT) to generate test sample status list.
- XSD for the XML metadata (TCDL 2.0; see RDDL file at 
   but is there a PHP implementation?
   (I don't see this at 
- ISO Schematron (see how-to doc at 
   but there seems to be no PHP implementation. Maybe we can use the 
Amara XML Toolkit
   (<http://uche.ogbuji.net/tech/4suite/amara/>), an open-source 
collection of Python tools that
   has an ISO Schematron implementation. Amara 1.2a2 requires Python 
2.4 and 4Suite XML 1.0
   (<http://cheeseshop.python.org/pypi/4Suite-XML>), which is also open source.
   Alternatively, we can just rely on the XSTL implementation 
(discussed in my how-to doc) and
   PHP's XSLT support: 
   If we choose the option of using the XSLT produced by the XSLT 
   (e.g. to use it in PHP code), we need to take into account that 
there is currently no stylesheet
   that produces an HTML report at 
<http://www.schematron.com/implementation.html> or at

This is just a first draft. Please comment on the list.

We can then put the requirements on a page under 

Best regards,


Christophe Strobbe
K.U.Leuven - Dept. of Electrical Engineering - SCD
Research Group on Document Architectures
Kasteelpark Arenberg 10 bus 2442
B-3001 Leuven-Heverlee
tel: +32 16 32 85 51
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