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Re: requirements for test sample management system

From: Christophe Strobbe <christophe.strobbe@esat.kuleuven.be>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 02:36:12 +0200
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To: TSDTF <public-wai-ert-tsdtf@w3.org>

Hi everybody,

As you will all be using the test sample management system, I would 
like to get some more input.

At 17:15 29/09/2008, Shadi Abou-Zahra wrote:
>(...) It seems that we would have two types of users:
>  - Task Force participants
>  - Public visitors
>The Task Force participants probably need to:
>  - see the full status list
>  - sort/filter the status list
>   + according to the assigned reviewer
>   + according to the review status
>   + ...

   + according to Success Criteria
   + according to Technology
   + according to expected result
   + according to title
   + according to techniques/failures
   + according to features used

>  - see the HTML view of the metadata
>  - see the reviews for test samples
>  - edit the reviews for test samples
>  - edit the status of the test samples

   - get validaton results for metadata (XSD, ISO Schematron)
   - anything else?

>The public visitors probably need to:
>  - see a list of the ready test samples
>  - sort/filter this list
>   + according to Success Criteria
>   + according to Technology
>   + ...
>  - see the HTML view of the metadata
>  - download the test sample (or batches?)

   - anything else?

Best regards,


>I think that if we start at this user end as well as on the other 
>end of seeing what we already have (as you have done below), then we 
>could meet in the middle with a fairly good idea of what needs to be done.
>   Shadi
>Christophe Strobbe wrote:
>>I have an (unrecorded) action item to write up draft requirements 
>>for a test sample management system. This has become more urgent 
>>because of the migration of the wiki.
>>Here's a list of requirements:
>>* an overview (which I will call "status list" from here on) of all 
>>the test samples; this overview should show:
>>   - test sample ID,
>>   - a link to the HTML version of the XML metadata,
>>   - links to the structure reviews (possibly with identification 
>> of the reviewers or reviewers),
>>   - links to the content reveiws (possibly with identification of 
>> the reviewers or reviewers),
>>   - the status of the test sample,
>>   - the submitter: organization (if any) and contact information 
>> (e-mail is sufficient),
>>   - links to issues that need to be fed back to WCAG WG.
>>   (This mirrors what we have at 
>> <http://www.w3.org/2006/tsdtf/TestSampleStatusList>.)
>>   It should also be possible to filter and sort this overview by 
>> at least ID and status.
>>   Nice to have in the status list:
>>     - filtering based on "features" used in the test samples,
>>     - filtering based on techniques and failures covered by the 
>> test samples.
>>   (The status list at <http://tinyurl.com/ynu7q4> has some sorting 
>> options but no filtering.)
>>* an HTML view of the metadata of each test sample;
>>   see the links in the column "test sample ID" at 
>> <http://tinyurl.com/ynu7q4>.
>>   - This HTML view also contains links to both the metadata file 
>> and the HTML file or files.
>>   - For the sake of greater automation of the structure reviews, 
>> this view should also link
>>     to validation reports (or funcationality to generate them) for 
>> both XSD validation and
>>     ISO Schematron validation.
>>   - The section "relevant technique/failure" should also provide 
>> the title of the technique
>>     or failure instead of only the identifier.
>>   - Links to WBS questionnaires where the test sample was surveyed.
>>Notes regarding the status list:
>>- The XML metadata contains an element for status 
>>   but reviewers have only edited the status in the wiki. Ideally, 
>> status is tracked in the XML
>>   metadata and the status list pulls the status from the XML, so 
>> that the status list does not
>>   get out of sync with the XML metadata.
>>- The status list in the wiki contains several tables: one for the 
>>current WCAG 2 draft,
>>   "the previous table" (for test samples that map to the May 2007 
>> draft and test samples
>>   for the April 2006 draft which still needed to be updated to a 
>> more recent draft), and
>>   a table with "obsolete test samples" (test samples with the 
>> status "deprecated" because there
>>   was no matching technique or failure, and JSP test samples).
>>   So we would also need to be able to filter and sort the test 
>> samples by WCAG 2 draft.
>>What we already have:
>>- XSLT to generate HTML view of each test sample's XML metadata.
>>- Ant script (using more XSLT) to generate test sample status list.
>>- XSD for the XML metadata (TCDL 2.0; see RDDL file at 
>>   but is there a PHP implementation?
>>   (I don't see this at 
>> <http://phpxmlclasses.sourceforge.net/show_doc.php?class=class_xml_check.html>
>>- ISO Schematron (see how-to doc at 
>>   but there seems to be no PHP implementation. Maybe we can use 
>> the Amara XML Toolkit
>>   (<http://uche.ogbuji.net/tech/4suite/amara/>), an open-source 
>> collection of Python tools that
>>   has an ISO Schematron implementation. Amara 1.2a2 requires 
>> Python 2.4 and 4Suite XML 1.0
>>   (<http://cheeseshop.python.org/pypi/4Suite-XML>), which is also 
>> open source.
>>   Alternatively, we can just rely on the XSTL implementation 
>> (discussed in my how-to doc) and
>>   PHP's XSLT support: 
>> <http://phpxmlclasses.sourceforge.net/show_doc.php?class=class_xslt.html>.
>>   If we choose the option of using the XSLT produced by the XSLT 
>> implementation
>>   (e.g. to use it in PHP code), we need to take into account that 
>> there is currently no stylesheet
>>   that produces an HTML report at 
>> <http://www.schematron.com/implementation.html> or at
>>   <http://www.schematron.com/validators.html>.
>>This is just a first draft. Please comment on the list.
>>We can then put the requirements on a page under 
>>Best regards,
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