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WSTF: Updated Slide Intro page

From: Charmane K. Corcoran <corcora1@msu.edu>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 00:45:02 -0400
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To: public-wai-eo-site@w3.org
*I think* the following items are done. I have saved this as xhtml 
but I don't know anything about xhtml coding. If something needs 
fixing and DreamWeaver doesn't do it automatically, someone else will 
have to tweak it. That is beyond my technical skill.



Intro page:

1. consider including more direction

- I think overall it needs just a little bit more explanation. Image you
have never encountered a W3C slide set. What do you want to tell people
about what they are going to get?

- Also, would be nice to explain just a little bit that they can
download  http://www.w3.org/Talks/WAI-Intro/all.htm and make changes and
then create their own slide set with Slidemaker.

-  How about adding a bit about permission to use (such as in the
business case overview).

2. edits

- delete the <p>Use the right-arrow button ("on to..." link) to go to
the next slide. because you already have it in list above.

- capitalize "Web" throughout (as is W3C style)

- remove link to "Tips for Using these Slides" since we decided to
delete that slide

- change "site" to "slide set" in: " This site will help answer many of
these web accessibility questions:" so it's " This slide set will help
answer many of these web accessibility questions:"

- Would it be better to swap the order of the instructions for using the
slides? That is, change "Use the right-arrow button ("On to..." link) to
go to the next page." to "To go to the next page, use the right-arrow
button ("On to..." link)"

- I think it would be good to say that the buttons are on the top right
and to include an image of the buttons. Also, I think it would be good
to explain what options the "change style" button toggles through.

- consider adding subheadings (<h2>s), such as "Introduction". "Contents
of Slide Set", "How to Use the Online Slides", "Slide Making Tool",
"Editor and Comments"

- remove "by Judy Brewer and EOWG Participants" from the H1, and clean
it up at the bottom (perhaps like Matt has it in UAAG intro?)

- add <hr /> and <h2>Document Information</h2> at the bottom, like other
new pages

- per Blossom's comments a while ago, is "For a complete index of
slides, go to Overview of Web Accessibility." really a table on
contents? is that different from "Use the lined button ("Table of
Contents" link) to go to the table of contents."? [I'm typing this
offline on an airplane so I can't go check]

3. clean up markup

- convert to XHTML & fix meta (e.g., "East Lansing MI, USA">

- clean up the markup, e.g.: "<h1 align="left">Introduction
      to the <br>
    Online Overview of the Web Accessibility
    Initiative<span class="slideList"><br>
    <small>by</small> <i>Judy Brewer and EOWG
should be:
"<h1>...</h1>" without all the markup inbetween

  and "<div class="slidebody">" is not needed


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