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WSTF action items status 26 April 2004

From: Shawn Lawton Henry <shawn@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 15:49:16 -0500
To: <public-wai-eo-site@w3.org>
Message-ID: <000401c42bcf$f1242900$394cc418@SLHenry>

- ALL: watch list and reply as requested
- ALL: send regrets to list (not shawn@w3.org please) ahead of time if
not able to attend scheduled teleconferences

Information Architecture / Site Map
- BLOSSOM, by Mon 12 April: rough (wireframe level) layout stylesheet
for WAI home page
- [in progress, need to coordinate] JUSTIN: add to site map primary user
groups, maybe just techie and fuzzie, coordinate status of site map with
shawn first
- SHAWN: site map: fix "evaluation language and techniques" in-page link
& heading to be correct & consistent, add acronym after each working,
guidelines, etc (eg EOWG, WCAG), fix indenting in mozilla mac
- [DONE] MICHAEL, midday 16 April: schematics of IA
- [DONE] JUSTIN, [DONE] CAROL, [in progress] MICHAEL: send "data" from
informal "study" on terminology 

Current Site Feedback
- [after it comes in] MICHAEL: add incoming feedback
- [in progress] JUSTIN: transcript for video in HTML

Examples people like
- [ON HOLD] UNASSIGNED: provide format to show others how to provide
- [ON HOLD] JON: capture incoming input (probably in same format as
current site feedback)

Requirements/Features List
- [in progress, waiting on shawn] JUSTIN: put in HTML (then, SHAWN: post
it in HTML, add to analysis summary & docs list (request feedback to

Design summary
- MATT, by 22 April: rough "wireframe" layout style sheet for WAI WG
home pages
- [later] for WG page format, probably make Page Contents <h2>

New content
- MATT, first by 22 April: draft Intro pages for UAAG, ATAG, other techs
- CHARMANE, by 27 April: start Intro page for WAI online overview slides
- SHAWN, by 30 April: start Intro page for Web Accessibility,
incorporating Getting Started

Visual Design
- MICHAEL: connect shawn with design firm
- SHAWN: send I18N redesign ideas
- BLOSSOM: work on visual design

- SHAWN do timeline w/ milestone dates
- [DONE] SHAWN add link to mail archives to work-in-progress page

- JON, by week of 12 April: clean up 3 primary personas (make more even,
make goal-based, tweak as discussed, move personal details lower & keep
them related to task) and take potentially offensive details out of
- JON, by week of 12 April: write blurb about specific personas not
meant to exclude others (as discussed on mon 2 feb, minutes available!)
- [in progress, waiting on carol] JUSTIN & CAROL: add a little about
personas to the UCD introduction

Later & Low Priority
- [low] SHAWN: add to MITS list for additional testing of Getting
Started section when documents are created (Card Sort)
- [low] SHAWN: add to MITS to consider moving mail archive link higher
in navigation on WG Home Page Sections (possibly with minutes)
- [low] ALL: review materials related to closed card sort so can share
them publicly (with other materials)
- [low] SHAWN: fix zakim w/ calling cards again
- [low] SHAWN: check on addresses for females (e.g., Ms., Mrs. etc) in
- [low] CAROL and JUSTIN: refine together 1 page docs on UCD
- [low] shawn consider WCAG20 is going to be generating a lot of hits,
where should those hits be going? 
- [low, waiting for input from michael] CAROL: put all card sorting data
in single HTML file
- [low&optional, waiting for input from MICHAEL] CHARMANE: gather
updates to IA card sorting participant characteristics
(http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/Drafts/UCD/ia) from carol & michael, update
page, validate for HTML & accessibility, send to shawn after all ready
to post
- [later] MICHAEL: confirm AIR report meets WCAG


- CHARMANE, BLOSSOM: send "data" from informal "study" on terminology 

SHAWN - please check ALL above!

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