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Alertbox: Paper Prototyping: A How-To Video

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Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 10:10:56 +1000
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Has anyone seen Jakob's video?

Comment/opinion sought please if any has it or gets a copy soon. At a quick
glance it seem to conform to my usual approach.

Dr Andrew Arch
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Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox for September 29 is now online at:

I've published 200 Alertbox columns on the Web since 1995;
in addition to achieving key victories over multi-million-dollar
special interests and enemies of usability, the column's
readership statistics validate the practice of archiving content.


My first film

Paper Prototyping: A How-To Video (32 minute training video on DVD):

People never believe me when I recommend this simple and cheap approach to
prototyping user interface designs, so I finally decided to demonstrate
the techniques by showing rather than telling.


New report

Intranet Design Annual 2003 - Year's 10 Best Intranets


"Science of Design", National Science Foundation

Next year NSF will start a major funding program for research on the
science of design. To help set the direction, NSF is organizing an
invitation-only workshop in November. I am on the program committee.
Deadline for position papers is THIS WEDNESDAY, October 1.

By participating in this early stage, you help ensure that large amounts
of taxpayer dollars are invested wisely and we get a chance to improve how
design is done ten years from now.

More info and full call for papers:


User Experience 2003 conference
   > London, October 6-10

26 tutorials on all aspects of user experience

Full program:

Conference starts next week in London.
Friday, October 3 is last chance to save 140 by registering in advance

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