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Re: WSTF agenda for 1 Dec 2003

From: <michaeka@wellsfargo.com>
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 13:58:38 -0800
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Hello, all - 

A note above the Task List posted November 28, 2003
(<http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/Drafts/UCD/tasks>), comments that the headings
"below are only to help 'chunk' the long list and the grouping under a
certain heading is not important." -
I agree 100% that we need to chunk the list. But, if the groupings under
each heading are "not important," then the grouping is confusing. If
something is grouped, I'm assuming that there is some meaning to the

The way the list is currently grouped does not work for me very well. For
example, I could have heavy technical knowledge and moderate Web
accessibility knowledge, but still search for the definition of the term Web

For discussion on Monday, here's another grouping possibility:


1. I am trying to find the definition of the term Web accessibility.  

2. I need info to help convince self, boss, org, or other that Web
accessibility is important and that we should be doing it. 

3. I want to find out about Web access policies around the world.

4. My boss told me to make our Web site accessible and I need to know where
to start.

5. I want a simple checklist of what I (content developer) need to do for
Web accessibility.

6. I am doing a presentation on accessibility and want to order Quick Tips
to hand out. 

7. I am doing training on general accessibility information and trying to
find materials for my presentation.

8. I want to find a list of all the guidelines WAI has published.


1. I have been asked how much time and money it would take to make your Web
site accessible.

2. I am trying to find a specific document. ["How People with Disabilities
Use the Web", "Policies Relating to Web Accessibility", etc.] .

3. I want statistics on disability to help make a business case for Web
accessibility. [deliberately not on site or in resource in the foreseeable

4. I've searched for XYZ in a search engine [that dumped me in the middle of
a resource] 
5. I am trying to find the list of Web accessibility evaluation tools. 

6. I have a specific question on Web accessibility that I want to ask WAI
(e.g., interpretation of a guideline). 


1. I heard XYZ [text resizing] is important for accessibility and want to
find out why. 

2. I heard that Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) helps with accessibility; I
want to know why CSS is good for accessibility and get an intro on CSS. 
3. Someone gave me a report generated by a Web evaluation tool, and I need
to look up details about some of the things it said needed human evaluation.

4. Someone gave me a report generated by a Web evaluation tool, and I don't
understand how to fix some of the things it identified as errors.
5. I am looking for a document that explains the techniques to implement
Check point #X.

6. I am doing a new thing [data tables, forms, etc.] and I want to make it


1. I want to know more about WAI in general. How long has it been around?
How is it funded? Who is on the staff?

2. I heard W3C WAI was open to outside participation and I want to help out.

3. I am a member of a WAI WG and I am trying to find out when the next
meeting is. When is that in your time working zone? 


Blossom Michaeloff
Web Research and Design
Wells Fargo
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