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Task list - experience order'

From: Jon Dodd - Bunnyfoot <jon@bunnyfoot.com>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 19:11:22 +0000
Message-Id: <>
To: public-wai-eo-site@w3.org

Experience is a rough concept that forms a rough continuum that might help 
organise our thoughts about tasks. Experience goes from NO experience of 
accessibility through to WAI mega guru - with teccies, accessibility 
advocates, trainers etc. somewhere inbetween. Many things are variable but 
you can think of the lowest experience that might want to get this 
information - make sense?

    * I am trying to find the definition of the term web accessibility.
    * I have been asked how much time and money it would take to make your 
web site accessible.
    * I need info to help convince self, boss, org, or other that Web 
accessibility is important and that we should be doing it.
    * I want to find out about Web access policies around the world
    * I want to know more about WAI in general. How long has it been 
around? How is it funded? Who is on the staff? I want to find out about Web 
access policies around the world
    * I am trying to find a specific document. ["How People with 
Disabilities Use the Web", "Policies Relating to Web Accessibility", etc.]
    * I want statistics on disability to help make a business case for Web 
accessibility.(note: deliberately not on site or in resource in the 
foreseeable future)
    * I've searched for XYZ in a search engine [that dumped me in the 
middle of a resource]
    * My boss told me to make our web site accessible and I need to know 
where to start.
    * I am trying to find the list of web accessibility evaluation tools.
    * I have a specific question on Web accessibility that I want to ask 
WAI (e.g., interpretation of a guideline).
    * I want a simple checklist of what I (content developer) need to do 
for Web accessibility
    * I heard XYZ [text resizing] is important for accessibility and want 
to find out why.
    * I am doing a presentation on accessibility and want to order Quick 
Tips to hand out.
    * I am doing training on general accessibility information and trying 
to find materials for my presentation.
    * I heard that Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) helps with accessibility, I 
want to know why CSS is good for accessibility, and get an intro on CSS.
    * I want to find a list of all the guidelines WAI has published.
    * Someone gave me a report generated by a Web evaluation tool and I 
need to look up details about some of the things it said needed human 
    * Someone gave me a report generated by a Web evaluation tool and I 
dont understand how to fix some of the things it identified as errors
    * I am looking for a document that explains the techniques to implement 
Check point #X
    * I am doing a new thing [data tables, forms, etc.] and I want to make 
it accessible.
    * I heard W3C WAI was open to outside participation and I want to help 
    * I am a member of a WAI WG and I am trying to find out when the next 
meeting is. When is that in your time working zone?
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