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FW: WSTF: Education Personas

From: Shawn Lawton Henry <shawn@w3.org>
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Great first pass!
A couple minor editing things: write out NPO, capitalize HTML.
Other personas are at:    
Could you use that format when you put these in HTML?
~ Shawn

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Subject: WSTF: Education Personas

Here is my best shot.... ckc


"I want to make sure that my students are aware and are prepared to deal
with the real world, whatever that will be for them."

Rochele has students that will be involved in a wide variety of
professions.  Each of them will intersect with business and NPO's that
may or may not be aware of the benefits accessibility has to both those
with disabilities and to the company.  She is also concerned that those
students that are part of the virtual classes are able to easily share
their work.  She wants easy access to information for herself, her
staff, and her students so that they can all be ahead of the game now
and in the future no matter what their profession ends up being. She
believes in being proactive but doesn't want it to take all day to find
what is needed or take a brain trust to diagnose the information.  It
has to be usable even if it is written English isn't the person's first
language.  She does some design herself and she requires each of her
students to create a web page as part of class so that they can share
materials and projects. She would like to have her administrative
assistant and her students be able to find the information they need on
their own so she doesn't have to re-write accessibility information for

Age: 37

Company: college/university

Potential: Rochele is an innovator.   She likes to chart new territory
but she is not a web designer and is not interested in this consuming
all of her time with this. At the same time, she senses this is
important for her own teaching, outreach, and research as well as for
the professions her students will soon have.  She is torn between high
ideals, high time demands, and lack of reliable, succinct, and usable


"I am supposed to find information for the vice president about
accessibility for a report."

Donette is an administrative assistant.  She knows how to do word
processing. She can save a word processing file to html.  She does not
know how to make a web page from scratch or how to use a web page
creation software.  She has heard about accessibility and that it is
important but she doesn't really know any technical details but she has
to pull all this together by the Wednesday Board meeting.

Age: 52

Company: college/university

Potential: Donette could become a key advocate in at the University for
accessibility.  Right now, she is just concerned about pulling this
report together.  She feels overwhelmed by her lack of technical
experience and understanding.  She also feels overwhelmed by the out of
information that is available and is befuddled as to what is and is not
important.  If there were something really simple to look at or a key to
all the information, it wouldn't be so hard. As it is, accessibility is
something she wishes she had a whole lot more time to learn about or a
much easier way to figure out what is important.


"We have some grants that are tied to the Dept. of Education but our
university has selected the W3C as our web standards.  I just need some
resources detailing where both Sect. 508 and W3C agree and disagree."

Bob is professor that has grants that have language written into them
that requires that their websites comply with Section 508. All of the
class and other research websites are supposed to be W3C because that is
what the University has decided is their overall standard.  Bob would
like to have a list that shows what is common and what is different.
That way he can do all the common stuff and just change the few things
he has to change the few things for those specific grants for the Dept.
of Education.

Age:  61

Potential:  Very near retirement.  Has taught himself programming and
html.  He has created his own web pages and now has a couple of grad
students that will help him out.  Is pressured to follow standards to
keep grants going but doesn't want to be looking up information over and
over again.  Wants a cheat sheet.  Won't read a book.  Doesn't want to
spend a lot of time scanning multiple websites.  Believes in "Make it

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