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From: Michael Stenitzer <stenitzer@wienfluss.net>
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 00:43:16 +0200
Message-ID: <4A6E2D84.2050305@wienfluss.net>
To: public-wai-eo-badtf@w3.org
hi group,

here my feedback on the after pages:


* skipnav: increase the line-height slighly for better readability
* access-toggle: i would not "abuse" the &raquo; for a visual element. i
   would prefer a background image.
* the hidden "copyright notice" text in the footer is kind of redundant
* while zooming (text only) the h2 needs a clear: left to, ahhhm, clear
   to the left.
* while zooming (text only) the tab-navigation gets disconnected from
   the demo-page below. this is due to the
     #mnav a, #mnav .current { ... height: 20px ...}
   i don't see the reason for this (there is probably one, maybe compat
   issues), BUT height in px is not a good idea for scalable designs.
   either use em, or drop it, if possible.


* annotations: i would add the word technique (at least in the
   title-attribute) for every technique link, as it might not be clear
   for everybody that H37 is not a secret accessibility code ...
* the html-elements and attributes are not consistently marked up within
   CODE-elements. (you will see, when turning of css)

just out of couriosity: why did you decide to clone the annotations
instead of just temporarily changing the style to bring them in foreground?


* shouldn't we indicate the required fields in advance. i get the note
   which are required only after submitting the form.
* HTML-Error: option disabled="yes">
* HTML-Error: even more errors after form processing
* error indication after form processing:
   - i would slighly change the style for the error summary: it needs a
     little enclosing, maybe a border around the whole error block.
   - i would propose to indicate the required fields with an asterisk in
     any case at the end of the label and with the visible wording
     "required" in red if the input was missing.

i am wondering if you left out the summary in the table of the survey 
page and have one in the very simple table 1 at the tickets page 
(concert dates) with redundant information.

my proposal:
* have a summary only for more complex tables. don't duplicate 
information from the table caption.
* rewrite the table summary of table 2 on the tickets page.


so, that's the first part of my feedback.

regards, michael

Michael Stenitzer     | WIENFLUSS information.design.solutions KG
t: +43 (650) 9358770  | proschkogasse 1/5 | 1060 wien
f: +43 (1) 23680199   | www.wienfluss.net
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