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Re: BAD "after" template ready

From: Pasquale Popolizio <pasquale@osservatoriosullacomunicazione.com>
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2006 14:53:25 +0100
Message-Id: <30FBE652-8275-4CD0-A2F4-B519C0ED2BFC@osservatoriosullacomunicazione.com>
To: Abou-Zahra Shadi <shadi@w3.org>, before WS & after <public-wai-eo-badtf@w3.org>
Il giorno 22/feb/06, alle ore 18:43, Shadi Abou-Zahra ha scritto:
> Hi Pasquale,
> Thank you for the update. Some more remarks on this version:

Hi Shadi, hi all.
Here's the new survey_after draft.

> Usa <a name="current">Survey</a> to get visual highlight (see the  
> index page as an example of this).

ok, done.

>> Just one suggestion: I think we have to make the internal color of  
>> headline_middle.gif pix (little C near "1. General Information"  
>> and so on) white and non transparent.
> Please use <img alt="" ...> for now (not within the CSS).

Done, but it seems that image has transparent content.

> More comments:
> * Check font sizes / spacing in headings (and fieldsets) to match  
> before page.

ok, done.

> * Match fieldset borders in the after page to the table borders in  
> the before page.

ok, done.

> * Remove <p>Data submit</p> at the bottom of the page.

ok, done.

> * Put "All fields in red should be filled in." at the top of the  
> page and add an asterisk ("*") to the word "red" and to each read  
> field in the form (redundant coding).

ok, done.

> * Remove CSS class "hundred" and all occurrences (it is already  
> defined in main.css)

ok, done.

> * Enclose the <input> element within the <label> element.

ok, done.

> * Remove the <p> elements around the <input>/<label> and reduce/ 
> refine the CSS classes.
> * Need to check usage of fieldsets / headers (especially fieldset  
> around the text area). I will send a separate mail on this.

About <p> element, if we decide to remove it, I have to rethink the  
overall structure.
For example, if I use <label> as block-level, there's a bug in IE 6  
that show borders around them.

About fieldset, if we decide to markup only 4 fieldset:
1. General Information
2. Habits
3. Traffic perception

we have to revisit the graphic layout, so to conform to the before_page;
so, we have no fieldset border, but only a border around a single  
Otherwise, I think we have to revisit the "bad" layout.


~ pasquale

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