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[Fwd: RE: WAI-AGE TF - 1 July teleconference agenda- some comments on Involving Users]

From: Andrew Arch <andrew@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 2009 17:29:01 +0100
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Forwarded with Suzette's permission.  Andrew

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Subject: RE: WAI-AGE TF - 1 July teleconference agenda- some comments
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2009 12:18:26 +0100
From: Suzette Keith <S.Keith@mdx.ac.uk>
To: Andrew Arch <andrew@w3.org>
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Hi Andrew,

Sorry to be away this afternoon.

Have looked through Involving Users, and would like to address 3 points:

1. I was looking for something on research ethics and informed consent.
This is really important when working with vulnerable people. It is
discussed briefly in one of the links to Shawn's book, but I think there
is a requirement to make some reference at the top level  - of your
responsibilities towards older and disabled people. This may be second
nature to people in HCI or from humanities backgrounds but in my
experience is novel to computer science

2.Optimizing Usability Testing for Accessibility Issue: this might be
the place to put something on research ethics as above. I think the
number of issues could be expanded eg. Some older and disabled people
may need more time to familiarise themselves with a new website. Session
length may need to be limited to avoid over tiring older/disabled
person. Do not use the session to test for 'bugs', focus on issues
affecting accessibility and successful achievement of tasks (or goals).
Traditional methods such as think-aloud may need to be modified for
users for example, cognitive impairments, speech impairments.

3. Including diverse users - Strategies for finding people might be
useful- again ethics is important is you are going to convince carers
and managers of organisations who can help you get access to older and
disabled people. This section would benefit from some structure -
although I am not sure on what criteria. Perhaps, I would like to
distinguish issues of age, from single disability, and from AT user.
Older people, commonly experience multiple impairments that individually
are minor but cumulatively have more impact eg impaired vision, hearing,
dexterity and memory. People who currently need to use specialised AT
equipment are in a different category to those who just use the zoom
functionality built in to the browser, or operate a normal keyboard with
one hand (or just one finger). Some AT appears to me quite difficult to
use - I am guessing that an older person may be more reluctant to learn
to use AT than a younger person who wants to use it for work.

Hope you have a good meeting

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Subject: Re: WAI-AGE TF - 1 July teleconference agenda

Dear Task Force [1],

As per schedule, we are meeting this Wednesday (1 July) at the usual
Teleconference Bridge:
    + / +44.117.370.6152 / +1.617.761.6200
Teleconference code: 9243# (WAGE#)
IRC: Channel - #waiage; server - irc.w3.org; port - 6665
Scribe: Michael(reserve scribe: Shadi)


1. *Welcome*
- July/August meeting plans

2. *Publishing update*
- Business Case
- How to Report Inaccessible Websites

3. *Involving Users in Web Accessibility Design and Evaluation*
- Requirements
- Draft document with early thoughts
- Please read the draft document and review the Requirements for
discussion at the teleconference
    - Is the Purpose clear?
    - Is the Audience inclusive?
    - Is the Approach appropriate?
    - Considering the tasks, share initial thoughts on revising

4. *How People with Disabilities Use the Web*
- Requirements
- Current draft
- Please read the current (2004) draft and review the Requirements for
discussion at the teleconference
    - Is the Purpose clear?
    - Is the Audience inclusive?
    - Is the Approach appropriate?
    - Considering the tasks, share initial thoughts on updating

Regards, Andrew

Andrew Arch
Web Accessibility and Ageing Specialist

Andrew Arch wrote:
> Just a reminder that, as per our schedule [1], we will have a 
> teleconference this Wednesday. An agenda will follow later today.
> Thanks, Andrew
> [1] http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wai-age/teleconf.html
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