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RE: Questions for BAD TF discussion

From: <Anna.Zhuang@nokia.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 15:36:24 +0200
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 Hello Shadi,

My 0.2 cents in line.

Br, Anna

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>Subject: Questions for BAD TF discussion
>During last Friday's EOWG call, we had a good discussion on 
>the Before and After Demo (BAD). Please find the draft minutes 
>as needed:
>  - <http://www.w3.org/2009/01/23-eo-minutes#item01>
>There are some specific questions which I would like to get 
>this TF's perspective on, before going back to the BAD TF for 
>#1. Demo heading
>- Currently reads: "Demo for making a web site accessible - 
>Learn how to implement according to Web Content Accessibility 
>Guidelines 2.0"
>- This is just a placeholder for now. Are the specific 
>suggestions or ideas for better headings? What do we (not) 
>want to communicate here?

AZ>>> Learn to transform you website from inaccessible to WCAG 2.0
compliant without loss of the look and feel of the site (?) Generally
one can learn twho things from the demo: a) how to transform existing
website and how to develop a new site in conformance with WCAG 2.0. It
would be good to capture these two points in a consice way.

>#2. Navigation tabs
>- Is the tabs-analogy working at all? Ideas to further refine it?
>- Does the grouping and order of the tabs make sense? Any 
>suggestions for a different order and/or grouping?
>- Does the term "Annotated pages" make sense? Other suggestions?

AZ>>> Tabs are good. I would like to have only two versions: accessible
and inaccessible. And all bugs and fixes are well commented in the
notes. With visual aid if needed.
>#3. Inviting to interact?
>- Some people thought that the actual demo part (below the 
>navigation) is a static screen-shot, rather than a Web page 
>that one can interact with. Do others share this feeling? 
>Suggestions for improving?

AZ>>> IMO one should not be able to naviate away from the demo. If any
demo page has a link and there is another page behind this link, each
page needs to be part of the demo.
>Looking forward to a good discussion.
>   Shadi
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