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Process Document change - New Section 10.5 Member Submission of a proposed Working Group Charter

From: wayne carr <wayne.carr@linux.intel.com>
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2016 07:34:49 -0700
To: public-w3process@w3.org
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I'll be dropping out of W3C in 3 weeks (resigning from my current job 
and taking time off for studying some things I'm interested in).  Other 
than some areas we've already reached consensus on here recently (but I 
think not yet in a Process draft), there was one more thing I wanted to 
propose and get in the archive so it could be looked at in the future.

The W3C Membership has no way to initiate the approval process for a 
Charter for a new WG unless W3C management (and the Director) decide to 
do it.  The Membership can only request it and the W3C staff can 
decline.  That's a significant gap if this is to be an organization 
controlled by its Membership.  I think there is a very simple way to add 

Like all the other appeals, having them available ensures they don't 
ever need to be used.  The simpler less formal process can be used 
instead and the appeals are only if something really goes wrong and 
somehow what the Membership wants isn't happening.


**New Section 10.5 Member Submission of a proposed Working Group Charter**


*Member Submissions have long been used to suggest new work in W3C. 
**Workshops, requests to the Team, and Team initiated proposals are more 
common paths. **In all these instances, the Director then decides 
whether to begin an AC Review to approve a Working Group Charter. *Those 
are the preferred paths for starting new work. This section provides 
another path for initiating an AC Review of a proposed Charter directly 
by the Advisory Committee.


A Member Submission may include a proposed Working Group Charter, where 
the request is for the Team to submit the proposed Charter to Advisory 
Committee Review for starting the Working Group.  Incubator specs for 
every proposed specification deliverable must be part of the Member 
Submission, along with the Charter.   If the Team acknowledges a 
Submission, but rejects the proposal to Submit the Charter to AC Review, 
then the TAG,  AB or 5% of the AC may cause the start of an Advisory 
Committee Appeal vote as in Section 7.2.  That appeals vote would then 
decide whether to instruct the Team to prepare the Charter and put it to 
AC Review. The Director, for budgetary reasons, could choose to offer 
only minimal team support in the Charter for the proposed group.


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