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Moving Forward on Process 2016

From: Stephen Zilles <szilles@adobe.com>
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2015 23:08:47 +0000
To: "public-w3process@w3.org" <public-w3process@w3.org>
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At a recent Process Document TF Telcon, we adopted a more asynchronous method of operation. The goal of this change is to allow a more effective use of people's time and to solicit greater involvement in the development of the W3C Process.

The main aspects of the change are 1) to reduce Telcons to being monthly, at 8 AM Pacific, 11 AM Eastern, 5PM Central European Time and 2) to use e-mail to resolve issues. To facilitate a more effective use of e-mail, we are asking that e-mails be tagged (in the subject line) with the main topic of the e-mail; for example, "Subject: [Issue-162] Why can't a consultant represent more than one organization?" Here "[Issue-162]" is the tag. Where appropriate multiple tags may be used to refine a particular discussion. In particular, when focusing on a sub-part of the discussion please change the Subject line to reflect the sub-part under discussion.

To help keep the discussion being focused, please suggest a concrete change that will, in your opinion, resolve the issue being discussed. The suggested change can and should be supported on the rationale for the change and any other relevant background material.

The Process Document TF Chair has committed to several actions:

1.      To begin to make suggestions for resolving the open issues

2.      To provide twice weekly messages, at least one of which will be an attempt to summarize the state of ongoing discussions.

When it seems (to the Process Document TF Chair) that we are reaching consensus, a Call for Consensus (CfC) will be issued on this mailing list and the results of the Call will be reported to this mailing list.

It is hope that this method of operation will lead to more effective and rapid resolution of the open and raised issues.

Steve Zilles
Process Document Task Force Chair
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