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My summary Re: Workshop and meeting requirements

From: Charles McCathie Nevile <chaals@yandex-team.ru>
Date: Fri, 16 May 2014 18:11:19 +0200
To: "public-w3process@w3.org" <public-w3process@w3.org>, "Charles McCathie Nevile" <chaals@yandex-team.ru>
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On Fri, 09 May 2014 14:01:35 +0200, Charles McCathie Nevile  
<chaals@yandex-team.ru> wrote:

> I am developing a proposal for the 19 May AB meeting on W3C's Workshop  
> and meeting requirements, and whether they need changes, and I am  
> offering it here for comment.

Some of the following has been debated (ad omnium, sed timeo non ad finem)  
in this thread, some of it is conclusions I drew from the debate. I'll  
give this to the AB now, and inform them about anything that follows which  
I think was a significant contribution or dissent at the meeting on Monday.

+ The overriding principles are
   - W3C strives to offer a fair process giving a global community of
      stakeholders in the Web the opportunity to meaningfully contribute.
   - it should be as easy as possible to Do Actual Work™

+ The requirements are "8 weeks notice for a primarily physical meeting,
    1 week for a virtual meeting, in 'normal circumstances'".

   For "Workshops" (any event that is open to anyone):
   - For an event aiming to solicit general community input on
      new work this is a reasonable minimum. No change proposed.
   - For an event aiming to inform the community, or to generate
      contributions such as tests, implementation, etc, this MAY be
      reduced to take advantage of an opportunity W3C sees.

   For Working Group meetings (open by right to WG members, but the WG
     can decide to invite anyone else they want).
   - For a full Working Group meeting, 8 weeks is a reasonable minimum.
   - A Working Group may identify a task force, who can meet as they
      want (with far less notice). The process already allows this, and
      should continue to do so.
   - Where a Working group receives contributions from non-WG Members
      these MUST be recorded.
   - When people propose to get together for some quick brainstorming on
      work in the scope of a group, it SHOULD be done as a meeting of the
      group (and can often be done on short notice).
   - When a Working Group wants to explore new areas for work, they MAY
      organise a W3C workshop. In this case W3C MAY, but is NOT REQUIRED
      to, handle hosting and logistics - this is the responsibility of
      the Working Group.
   - Date and city is sufficient information for the 8 week notice.
      In a medium/large city, more precise location should be available
      at least 4 weeks in advance.

+ For all meetings there SHOULD be:
   - Notice through the normal communication channel of the group.
   - remote participation facilities (minimum IRC, more is better)
   - reasonably accurately real-time scribing.

+ Working Groups SHOULD use decision-making procedures that allow for
   reasonable asynchronous input, review and objection.

+ Process Section 3.2 and Chapter 9 should be merged, and clarify
   the requirements for a meeting.

+ The requirements, and best practices, should become part of W3C's
   Chair Training Program and the Guide.

+ This should be part of any future revision of the Process, but
   everything required can be done within the existing Process so this
   isn't a reason to prioritise changing the Process.



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