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Weekly digest of W3C news and trends

From: Coralie Mercier <coralie@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2013 17:06:50 +0100
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This is the 25 January - 1 February 2013 edition of a “weekly digest of  
W3C news and trends" that the W3C Communications Team prepares for the W3C  
Membership and public-w3c-digest mailing list (publicly archived [1])  
[sent separately]. This digest aggregates information about W3C from  
online media, a snapshot of how W3C and its work is perceived in online  

[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-w3c-digest/

Notably this week :

- over 600 stories about W3C on Twitter in 7 days.
- over 1800 mentions of W3C in 7 days, with a peak on 31 Jan (624  
mentions) matching W3Conf 2013 promotion from several sources.
- With 53866 Twitter followers, net increase of 500 followers in the past  

Below is the compilation of what I harvested monitoring the  
(micro)blogosphere and press.

W3C-related Twitter buzz
[Things that were tweeted frequently, things that caught my attention, etc.
  Most *recent* first (popularity is flagged with the figure between  
parenthesis —that is the number of times the same URIs or tweet was  

* (205) Smashingmag give-away contest (RT to win) for 1 free ticket to  

* (4) The W3C Validator Suite [beta]

* (123) ZDNet: HTML5 'turns web pages into computers': Berners-Lee

* (24) W3C Blog: Open Web Platform Weekly Summary, by Karl Dubost

* (29) W3C Blog: MMI Webinar, by Debbie Dahl

* (179) Manu Sporny’s Blog: DRM in HTML5

* (460) BBC [video]: Berners Lee predicts dynamic web future

* (67) EC launches online service to promote semantic interoperability

Also this week, pertaining to HTML, people are talking about:
   1) <main> element in both W3C and WHATWG specs, but with different  
   2) DRM in HTML5

W3C in the Press (or some blogs)

Below is a selection of articles published this week.

[Most recent first.
  title, source (date), link.
  Find keywords on our Press clippings page:  
http://www.w3.org/Press/Articles ]

    Web inventor warns against data storage
    The Age (30 January)

    HTML5 'turns web pages into computers': Berners-Lee
    ZDNet (30 January)

    World wide web creator sees open access future for academic publishing
    Phys.org (29 January)

    Comcast's thePlatform shifts focus to HTML5
    FierceCable (29 January)

    Swipe, shake, CTRL Z? Web spec aims to end input overload
    ZDNet (25 January)

    2012 into 2013:  web standards in perspective
    .net magazine (23 January)

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