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Weekly digest of W3C news and trends

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This is the 28 September - 05 October 2012 edition of a "Weekly digest of  
W3C news and trends" that the W3C Communications Team prepares for the W3C  
Membership and public-w3c-digest mailing list (publicly archived [1]) and  
sends separately. This digest aggregates information about W3C from online  
media, a snapshot of how W3C and its work is apprehended as viewed from  
online media.

[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-w3c-digest/

Notable activity last week includes:
  - more than 10 press articles about Do Not Track,
  - a net increase of 390 Twitter followers,
  - 27 posts that dlvr.it posted to StatusNet, Twitter and Facebook between  
Sep 25 and Oct 2 got 34K clicks, delivered to 53.5K connections.

Below is the compilation of what I harvested monitoring the  
(micro)blogosphere and press.

W3C-related Twitter buzz
[Things that were tweeted frequently, things that caught my attention, etc.
  Most *recent* first (popularity is flagged with the figure between  
parenthesis —that is the number of times the same URIs or tweet was  

* (17) Call for Review: UAAG 2.0 Working Drafts

* Do Not Track
(87) NYT: No consensus reach on #donnottrack at W3C
(42) Adweek: Advertisers to FTC: We're Not Going Back on 'Do Not Track'  
DAA says its giving consumers choice now
(51) The Herald: DAA Issues Open Letter to W3C
(23) Mediapost: W3C Says Consensus About Do-Not-Track Might Not Come Any  
Time Soon
(15) Thomas Roessler’s blog post: DNT is Good For the Whole Web
(27) Mediapost: ANA Asks Microsoft To Retreat From Do-Not-Track Stance
(38) Adweek: Advertisers to Microsoft: Reverse Course on Do Not Track  

* HTML5 Plan 2014
(62) [in French] LMI: Le HTML5 bientôt finalisé par le W3C

* System Applications Working Group
(34) [in German] Golem.de: W3C: Web-Apps sollen mit nativen Apps  

* (17) Robin Berjon’s blog post: Test The Web Forward

* (105) The Web Performance Working Group is currently looking for use  
cases and ideas for its third chartered period

W3C in the Press (or some blogs)

Below is a selection of articles, of which the highlight is:
  * Do Not Track (10 articles)

[Most recent first.
  Full list of W3C Press clippings: http://www.w3.org/Press/Articles ]

    Opera 12.10 beta embraces high-res Retina displays
    Geek.com (5 October)

    Rockefeller Blasts Ad Industry's Privacy Principles
    MediaPost Daily Online Examiner (4 October)

    Facebook official: HTML5 backers need to step up mobile efforts
    Computerworld (4 October)

    Erster Entwurf Was ist Do Not Track? (First draft of What is Do Not  
    Golem.de (3 October)

    Web-Apps sollen mit nativen Apps gleichziehen (Web apps will catch up  
with native apps)
    Golem.de (2 October)

    Mobile computing wars pose tough choices for Internet publishers
    Reuters (2 October)

    W3C Outlines Plan to Finalize HTML5
    CIO (1 October)

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