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From: Wallis,Richard <Richard.Wallis@oclc.org>
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2014 09:54:41 +0000
To: Jean-Christophe Lavocat ~ Elokenz <jice@elokenz.com>
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On 1 Sep 2014, at 09:01, Jean-Christophe Lavocat ~ Elokenz <jice@elokenz.com<mailto:jice@elokenz.com>> wrote:

Could we think of a "author.org<http://author.org/>" system where authors would register and list their articles ?

Hi Jean-Christophe,

There are already several authoritative hubs of this data around including:

  *   VIAF.org<http://VIAF.org> - a merging of the people and organisation authority files from some 35 National Libraries
  *   ISNI.org<http://ISNI.org> - a similar cooperation between a broader group
  *   id.loc.gov<http://id.loc.gov> - the Library of Congress - specifically for this case the Name Authority file

Also there is ORCID.org<http://ORCID.org> which in linked data terms is not quite as integrated yet, but I believe is moving in the right direction.

author.org<http://author.org>, although a good idea, is probably best achieved with integration or at least interworking the above, which are already being used.  For example both VIAF and id.loc.gov<http://id.loc.gov> are referenced in this OCLC WorldCat Work description: <worldcat.org/entity/work/id/1363251773<http://worldcat.org/entity/work/id/1363251773>>

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