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Re: Person, Persona, Profile, OnlineAccount, ...

From: James M Snell <jasnell@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2014 13:45:47 -0800
Message-ID: <CABP7RbcP3eqQ004rqL=KWJaZrB_RM0nOESTAjVu-NXO72i+Wvw@mail.gmail.com>
To: ☮ elf Pavlik ☮ <perpetual-tripper@wwelves.org>
Cc: "public-vocabs@w3.org" <public-vocabs@w3.org>, amy@rhiaro.co.uk, Sandro Hawke <sandro@w3.org>

This is a common use case that I've been stewing over also as part of
the extended vocabulary. Unfortunately there aren't any existing
*common* approaches to draw from as everyone seems to do it
differently. I've added the basic notes I've been compiling on it to
the wiki page. Essentially, we may be able to accomplish this with two
new object types and a new property.. i.e.

  "@type": "Claim",
  "actor": "acct:joe@example.org",
  "object": {
    "@type": "Identity",
    "displayName": "Joe"
  "proof": {
    "@type": "urn:ietf:params:oauth:token-type:jwt",
    "@value": "{jwt-content}"

* Claim is an Activity type, "actor claims ownership of object"
* Identity is an Actor type that is distinct from Person. The Person
type can become a subtype of Identity.
* proof is defined with domain=Claim and range=xsd:anyType. It
provides the proof of the claim. This can easily be a JWT token as
illustrated, but could be other things also.

This gives us a generalized pattern that allows us to claim more than
just identities but serves the basic purpose rather well.

On Fri, Dec 19, 2014 at 10:11 AM, ☮ elf Pavlik ☮
<perpetual-tripper@wwelves.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> We experiment with small #IndieWeb / #PersonalCloud project, where we
> aim at making it easy to generate, publish and aggregate Linked Data
> Resources. In many ways very similar to what dir.w3.org does.
> http://dir.w3.org/directory/pages/about.docbook?view
> Portable Linked Profiles: https://github.com/hackers4peace/plp-docs
> Currently we get close to the point where someone can simply generate a
> personal profile and use it to create listing in various organizations.
> First early adopter: http://directory.open-steps.org/
> Currently we use schema:Person and few other vocabularies whenever we
> see need for it (eg. cco:). Most likely we will need a way for each
> person to have possibility of creating different customized profiles to
> list them in different networks. It would allow using description
> specific to context where the profile appears. Also allowing to include
> different subsets of schema:affiliation --> schema:Organization similar
> with subsets of relevant interests, skills etc.
> Does anyone have an example of using multiple Profiles for single Person?
> To clarify requirements further using myself as example:
> 1. I use wwelves.org as my identity and personal cloud provider
> 2. I want to create coder profile
>  a) host it on wwelves.org as canonical version of my coder profile
>  b) syndicate it with http://codefor.de
>  c) syndicate it with https://mozillians.org
>  d) syndicate it with http://labs.ouishare.net
>  e) syndicate it with any number of other hubs / directories
> 3. I want to create circus artist profile
>  a) host it on wwelves.org as canonical version of my circus profile
>  b) syndicate it with http://thewjf.com
>  c) syndicate it with http://dreamtimecircus.org
>  d) syndicate it with any number of other hubs /directories
> 4. Both of those profiles need to clearly state that they describe same
> person https://wwelves.org/perpetual-tripper
> 5. We can NOT use them interchangeably or do NOT want to automatically
> merge data from such different profiles. I guess owl:sameAs will not fit
> here.
> I can recall Amy mentioning to me that BBC uses named graphs to address
> somehow similar requirements. Also Sandro discussed something relevant
> on WebID mailing list
> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-webid/2014May/0103.html
> Thanks for pointers and suggestions!
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