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Re: accessHazard

From: Liddy Nevile <liddy@sunriseresearch.org>
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2013 10:24:47 +1000
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To: Madeleine Rothberg <madeleine_rothberg@wgbh.org>
oh, I am not sure we can have values like yes and no for open searches  
etc ....

As I see it, the tricky part of designing metadata is finding the  
right way to be consistent and still convey a useful message - very  

For example, we could define the term accessHazard as one only to be  
used where there has been evaluation of the resource - then we cut it  
down to two possibilities for flashing. Charles has argued that it is  
more likely to be correct if it is used to show there isn't a hazard  
than that there is. I am not sure of this (too old to think this one  
through) but I am concerned that if a new accessMedia is added, it  
might add a hazard to a resource that didn't have one.

There is more thinking to do and I am happy to go with the flow on  


On 02/10/2013, at 6:38 AM, Madeleine Rothberg wrote:

> Chuck has updated the issues list to include the discussion of whether
> accessHazard should state positive or negative information. See that  
> post
> and my comments, which are also below, at:
> [http://www.w3.org/wiki/WebSchemas/Accessibility/Issues_Tracker#accessHazar
> d_-_Ok_as_is.2C_or_should_it_be_negated_in_sense.3F]
> I believe we need both accessHazard=flashing and  
> accessHazard=noFlashing,
> etc.. This is because there are three cases we'd like to distinguish:
> 1. checked and it's fine
> 2. checked and it is NOT fine
> 3. didn't check
> "Didn't check" can be signified by no metadata -- this will be most  
> of the
> content on the Web. In cases where someone has checked, let's record  
> both
> positive and negative states.
> -Madeleine
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