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Re: [a11y-metadata-project] accessHazard

From: Charles Myers <charlesm@benetech.org>
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2013 22:10:42 +0000
To: Madeleine Rothberg <madeleine_rothberg@wgbh.org>
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Charles McN had a great idea when he brought this up.  But it may actually be a bit simpler to specify.
Rather than sav

  *   noFlashing
  *   noMotionSimulation
  *   noSound

in addition to the three properties we have today

  *   flashing
  *   motionSimulation
  *   sound

we might just want to have a state of "none" (saying that you checked and that there are no hazards that you are aware of).

That would change the spec to

  *   flashing
  *   motionSimulation
  *   sound
  *   none (or noHazard)

which makes it cleaner.  I think that saying the negative to each of the three properties would be a bit tedious.  And, of course, not having the property means that it has not been checked.

On Oct 1, 2013, at 1:38 PM, Madeleine Rothberg <madeleine_rothberg@wgbh.org<mailto:madeleine_rothberg@wgbh.org>>

Chuck has updated the issues list to include the discussion of whether
accessHazard should state positive or negative information. See that post
and my comments, which are also below, at:

I believe we need both accessHazard=flashing and accessHazard=noFlashing,
etc.. This is because there are three cases we'd like to distinguish:

1. checked and it's fine
2. checked and it is NOT fine
3. didn't check

"Didn't check" can be signified by no metadata -- this will be most of the
content on the Web. In cases where someone has checked, let's record both
positive and negative states.


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