How should you handle snippets spread across multiple pages? For instance, if you have a product website with urls such as:


Should I tag all the /product-name/* pages with the root product itemscope and simply expand upon nested types such as reviews on that specific page? If I have a reviews widget on /product-name should I provide snippets for the data within the widget or only markup the reviews page? Is it OK to add markup for the overall review score shown on every product page? Should I also provide snippets on the browse items lists?

I have a feeling the answer to all my questions are yes, markup every page and be sure to provide a "url" property for each schema subject so the search engines know the root subject URL. I just want to confirm it and ensure that marking up all /product-name/* pages with the same root product won't cause the engines to only consider the root URL or something else not desirable.

-Thanks for any feedback