No, there must be only I think
As an option, can redirect to the parent type, which owns this property
If we think in terms of multiple itemtypes on a single object, adding a type prefix is an organic way to avoid collisions and distinguish different types properties
10.05.2012, 14:03, "Adrian Giurca" <>:
Sorry I'm coming in with another question:

Do you consider that and

as two distinct properties?


On 5/10/2012 11:29 AM, wrote:
Does it actually means, that there is no conflicting property names in different types yet?
Shouldn't we use + class name + property name to make properties URIs really U?
10.05.2012, 12:31, "Dan Brickley" <>:

On 10 May 2012 09:36, Adrian Giurca <> wrote:

Dear Dan,
Is it any ongoing discussion with respect of defining URIs for property
names? Actually defines some property names the same as some
class names (such as aggregateRating vs AggregateRating). I would say that
URIs and/or qualified names may not necessarily be directly used by the
webmasters but they are useful to be defined. Of course a web server may
consider case sensitive URLs but maybe an agreement on defining URIs is
much useful.

If you need a URI for a property, compose it using
'' + 'aggregateRating'.

It is not ideal that we have some cases where a class and property
name differ only in capitalization, and we should avoid that in
future. We do stick to the rule that an initial upper case is a type,
and an initial lowercase means a property, and both Microdata and RDFa
Lite have different notations for classes and properties, so this is
not technically ambiguous. But it can be confusing, I agree.

At some point it is reasonable to expect us to publish per-property
pages on too.