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Re: Schema for legal judgements?

From: Adam Wood <adam.michael.wood@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2012 08:52:56 -0500
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Plus, the idea that a legal decision is a "Creative Work" is just kinda weird.

Legal decisions are part of a larger body of "The Law" generally, and
I would think that there would be value in finding a way to
schema-tize the whole of it- from Consitutions to Contracts, from
Regulations to corporate by-laws to Church canons.

Sounds like a project.

On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 3:08 PM, Michael Below <below@judiz.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am wondering if there is a schema for legal decisions. Legal cases are
> usually documented in specialized databases, but more and more cases are
> published on the internet and can be searched there. Finding relevant
> decisions would be easier if there was a common way to describe them.
> There are these properties of a legal decision I can think of:
> Necessary ones:
> - The court, e.g. Landgericht Berlin, Germany
> - The acting part of that court, by function and/or by name, e.g. 51.
> Zivilkammer
> - The date of the decision
> - The filing number
> - the type of the decision (e.g. judgement, interim decision)
> Optional ones:
> - related decisions, e.g. previous decisons of lower courts, later
> decisions of higher courts on the same case - this is not always linear,
> cases can go back an forth
> - the parties
> - the main legal norms that have been applied by the court
> - the main subject of the case, often mentioned in form of tags, e.g.
> "contract law, internet, e-commerce" or "waste disposal, environment,
> dumping"
> - the central theses of the decision, an enumeration of the key rulings
> - publications of the judgement, in journals or databases
> - articles, books, decisions that refer to the decision
> I don't really know where this might fit into your current hierarchy,
> parts of "CreativeWork" seem applicable, but a lot of context is lost if
> you treat a decision as a simple article.
> Cheers
> Michael
> --
> Michael Below <below@judiz.de>
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