Hi Dan,
Actually it was our first experience working with Schema.org Microdata.
RDFaCE-Lite is customized for rNews vocabulary and supports annotating Person, Place and Organization entities.
For each entity we create one or more forms based on rNews RDFs/Schema.org vocabularies which can be used to add related metadata to the entity.
We belive that WYSIWYG entity based editing approach (so called WYSIWYM view) will work well for the end-users who are interested in embedding metadata in their documents.

We hope to get constructive feedbacks from end-users to further advance the tool.
The main concerns we have had are:
* How to switch between RDFa and Microdata? Is this possible to have both RDFa and Microdata in a document?
* How to extend our vocabularies and generate dynamic forms based on Schema.org vocabularies? 
* How to facilitate semantic content annotation by using external We APIs (e.g. NLP APIs)?

Ali Khalili

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Fwd'ing to public-vocabs as the schema.org and IPTC rNews support
looks interesting! Ali, maybe you or your colleagues might join the
list (see http://www.w3.org/wiki/WebSchemas) and tell us a bit more
about that side of the tool?



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Hi all,

We are happy to announce the beta release of our

        RDFaCE-Lite WYSIWYM content editor

RDFaCE-Lite is simplified version of RDFaCE (RDFa Content Editor) and
is published as a WordPress plugin.
RDFaCE-Lite extends the TinyMCE rich text editor to facilitate the
authoring of semantic documents.
The main features of RDFaCE-Lite are:

    * Support of RDFa as well as Microdata (based on Schema.org) formats.
    * Support of IPTC rNews 1.0 standard  for  annotating HTML
documents with news-specific metadata.
    * Support of automatic content annotation using external NLP APIs
(Alchemy, Extractiv, Open Calais, Ontos, Evri, Saplo, Lupedia and
DBpedia spotlight.).
      This feature provides an initial set of annotations for users
that can be modified and extended later on.
    * Combination of the results of multiple NLP APIs based on user
preferences. This features improves the quality of automatic
    * Support of WYSIWYM view for content authoring.
    * One click editing of annotated entities.

For more information on RDFaCE-Lite visit:

  * RDFaCE project: http://aksw.org/Projects/RDFaCE
  * IPTC rNews: http://dev.iptc.org/rNews
  * Online demo: http://rdface.aksw.org/lite/
  * Screencast: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmdIewEvymc
  * Download WordPress plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/rdface/
  * Sourcecode: https://bitbucket.org/ali1k/rdface/

I would like to thank Ontos [1], the members of AKSW research group [2]
in particular Sören Auer as well as the LOD2 project [3] for their support.

Ali Khalili
AKSW research group

[1] http://ontos.com
[2] http://aksw.org
[3] http://lod2.eu