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Subject: Comics Schema Update and Open Questions

Comics Schema Update and Open Questions
Hi Group –
Some housekeeping – I’ve made a number of tweaks to the comics and periodicals schema based on feedback from a number of industry resources (including comics.org and a large number of digital and brick-and-mortar retailers).  I’m waiting on feedback from a number of other sources (including Diamond Comics) and I’m going to start reaching out to non-US sites and publishers. All changes to the Wiki entry are tracked in the discussion page.
There seems to be a recurring question about identifiers  that keeps coming up For example, I included the distributor code (the Diamond Comics code, which is used by US books) as one of the identifiers for comic issues and graphic novels.  I could see a role for the internal ID used by publishers the Marvel ID is used by a lot of our digital retailers as a unique identifier and I’m sure other publishers do the same.  Comics.org suggested that the schema add their local ID as an element (it’s used by a number of other sites and they have as comprehensive a list of books as anyone)
Basically, between publishers, distributors and fan sites, what is the best practice around identifiers?
What qualifies as ubiquitous enough to be included as an identifier in a schema such as this one?  Is it better to include more (with fewer actually used) or fewer (but more frequently populated)?
-       Peter
Peter Olson | VP, Web and Application Development | Marvel Entertainment
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