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Need for a new type Activity

From: Roy Lachica <roy@webnodes.com>
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 10:24:00 -0700
To: "public-vocabs@w3.org" <public-vocabs@w3.org>
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I was just adding Schema.org for a tourist site. In particular activities (Things to do at a location) and found a need for an Activity type.
Many tourism websites separate tourist activities from tourist sites (what to do from what to see).

Existing types such as http://schema.org/Event seem to be meant for a single event happening at a certain time at a certain location.
http://schema.org/TouristAttraction don’t really match for activities such as shopping and eating out? From Wikipedia: “A tourist attraction is a place of interest where tourists visit, typically for its inherent or exhibited cultural value, historical significance, natural or built beauty, or amusement opportunities.”
A page about Hiking should have links to places where you can go hiking, but the activity hiking itself is not really a tourist attraction?

I would like to add activities that are also relevant in a non-tourist setting. Using TouristAttraction (typically used for things you go to see) therefore seem wrong. TouristAttraction is also a sub type of Place. Many activities are place independent.  
I would guess that search engine queries like “What to do in Rio” are just as much used as “What to see in Rio”.
When searching for Shopping it would be nice to specify that i mean the activity of shopping so I can get a list of pages about shopping rather than a list of online shops.   

There are also many sites that contain general non-tourist activities that could benefit from an Activity type.
By having an activity type, search engine users can differentiate between football as an activity, a football club or the object football.   

I would therefore like to suggest the type: Activity  (description: Something you can do at will, regularly or perhaps once in a lifetime)

I am sure someone else has better suggestions for sub types, properties and descriptions. I was not able to find a good taxonomy or vocabulary but here’s a few suggestions for sub types:

(Camping, sightseeing, travelling, staying at hotels, caravan parks)

Activity/Outdoor sport and recreation
(Doing sports, golf, bowling, skiing, racing etc)
Activity/Indoor sport and recreation
(Go to swimming pools, sports halls, gymnasia, ice rinks, leisure centres etc)

Activity/Outdoor informal recreation
(Go to parks, play spaces,  beaches, lakes, rivers)

Activity/Countryside recreation
(Going to country parks, national parks, having picnics, trails/cycle paths etc)

Activity/Cultural recreation and heritage
(Going to theatres, concert, art centres/galleries, museums,  libraries, zoological parks, aquaria, botanic gardens)

Activity/Arts and design
(Playing instruments, singing, dance, acting, theatre, opera, visual arts and crafts, photography. Doing graphical design)

(Trading antiques, collecting coins, stamps)
(Watching performing arts, comedy shows, going to the cinema, listening to broadcasting, electronic or digital media, and film/television)
(Going to bingo, casinos (involved playing for money)
Activity/Social recreation
(Pubs, Cafes and restaurants, dance clubs)
(Football, cricket, rugby, tennis, greyhound/ horse racing)
Activity/Days out
(Various destinations including formal attractions such as Amusement and theme parks, heritage attractions etc)

(Window shopping)
(Playing board games, card games, video games, children games etc)

(Go to the spa, get a manicure, massage, yoga, meditation)
(Self development, get coaching, reading for learning)

(Volunteering, community work)

Properties for Activity could be: time it typically takes to do it, how many you should be, how old you should be, expert level etc
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