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Re: RDFa 1.1 Lite

From: Ivan Herman <ivan@w3.org>
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 08:56:15 +0200
Cc: W3C Vocabularies <public-vocabs@w3.org>
Message-Id: <559158DC-06B6-4755-831F-8B2B150D0219@w3.org>
To: Manu Sporny <msporny@digitalbazaar.com>

On Oct 22, 2011, at 23:13 , Manu Sporny wrote:

>> Two more technical remarks:
>> - I presume the answer is yes, but it was not mentioned in your blog:
>> is @src part of RDFa 1.1 Lite?
> Yes. Also @src has been changed in RDFa 1.1 (and thus RDFa 1.1 Lite) to
> act exactly like @href, since data showed us that authors were getting
> confused about @src.


>> - The removal of @resource may create problems in practice _unless_
>> HTML5 allows<link>  (and, for completeness,<meta>) elements in the
>> body. The use cases of putting some elements somewhere else on the
>> page and referring to it from several other places (the equivalent of
>> @itemref in md) depend on the fact that I can make, in RDF terms, a
>> reference to a subject elsewhere on the page. With the removal of
>> @resource the only way to do that is via @href, and without<link>
>> that means that all such links will be clickable. We may not want
>> that, and that is where<link>  would come into play.
> @href is allowed on every element in RDFa - that's been true since RDFa
> 1.0. So, I think that addresses your issue above. :)

Well... not fully. We are talking about HTML5+RDFa here. Of course, the processing rules of RDFa are essentially oblivious to the underlying DOM tree, insofar as they work for anything. The question is whether HTML5 allows (or does not allow) @href on all elements. If not, then HTML5 parsers (which are often use as part of an RDFa processing) may do something funny (as they do with a <link> element that may be repositioned into the head), and HTML5 validators may shout at you.

Ie: this approach also works provided the HTML5 WG accepts that change on their current model. Do they?

To be clear: I would be happy to be proven wrong!

>> I know there is a bug entry to the HTML5 WG, but I am afraid of this
>> leading to yet another long discussion with that WG. Allowing
>> @resource (even though it is rarely used) would alleviate that...
> I think this is a non-issue... what do you think now that you've seen
> the RDFa minutiae above?

See above...


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