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CALL FOR PAPERS - First International Workshop on the Web of Things (WoT 2010)

From: Vlad Trifa <trifa@inf.ethz.ch>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 15:59:13 +0200
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sorry for cross-posting this. I wanted to let you know that we have  
extended the deadline of our first workshop on the Web of Things, as I  
think this might be of high interest to this mailing list. We plan to  
build a community around researchers and practitioners on people who  
want to bridge the Web and the physical world, so please join us!


Vlad Trifa - ETH Zurich/SAP Research


CALL FOR PAPERS - First International Workshop on the Web of Things  
(WoT 2010)

in conjunction with the 8th IEEE International Conference on Pervasive  
Computing and Communications (PerCom 2010), Mannheim, Germany

Paper submission deadline: October 18, 2009

Notification of acceptance: December 21, 2009

Camera-ready papers due: January 29, 2010

Workshop date (tentative): March 29, 2010

The world of embedded devices has experienced radical changes over the  
past few years as real-world objects can now easily connect to the  
Internet. This convergence of physical computing devices (wireless  
sensor networks, mobile phones, embedded computers, etc.) and the  
Internet provides new design opportunities and challenges. The  
Internet of Things has mainly focused on establishing connectivity in  
a variety of challenging and constrained networking environments, and  
the next logical step in the evolution in pervasive computing builds  
on top of network connectivity by focusing on the application layer:  
how to develop ubiquitous computing applications on top of  
heterogeneous devices? The Web of Things is the vision that brings  
embedded devices into the Web by using Web standards as application  
protocol to interact with things. This workshop aims at bringing  
together the pervasive computing and Web communities to explore the  
possibilities for using the core principles and technologies of modern  
Web architecture (e.g., HTTP, REST, Atom, JSON) for seamless  
integration of things into the Web and developing applications on top  
of web-enabled devices (physical mashups). Research contributions are  
solicited in the following areas:

- Web-based interaction patters for embedded devices (streaming,  
eventing, etc.)

- Applications, deployments, and evaluation of Web of things systems

- Human-things interaction models and paradigms (mobile interfaces,  

- User-oriented, context-aware discovery and dynamic search for the  
real world

- Web composition and macro-programming models (e.g. mashups)

- Semantic technologies for description of devices and services

- Optimization methods for embedded Web servers and applications

- Security, access control, and physical sharing of physical things on  
the Web

Since this workshop is the first in this area, the goal is to develop  
a community in this area and provide an interactive forum for  
researchers to learn and discuss about existing efforts to enable  
cross-fertilization. Hence, we expect all attendees to read all  
workshop papers in advance and to prepare questions for each.  
Presentations shall specifically highlight and address similarities  
and differences with other accepted papers. This will help to provide  
a forum to foster future collaboration, beyond the mere presentation  
of research results. In order to ensure a high-quality technical  
session, submissions must cover one of the topics above and should not  
exceed six (6) IEEE conference format pages. Research papers must be  
original prior unpublished work and not under review elsewhere as they  
will be published on the IEEE Digital Library. All submissions will be  
peer-reviewed and selected based on their originality, merit, and  
relevance to the workshop. Submission requires at least one author to  
fully register for PerCom 2010 and to present the paper on-site.

Official website: www.webofthings.com/wot/2010


Dominique Guinard, ETH Zurich and SAP Research Zurich

Erik Wilde, UC Berkeley

Vlad Trifa, ETH Zurich and SAP Research Zurich

Program Committee:

Gregor Broll, DOCOMO Communications, Germany

Adam Dunkels, SICS, Sweden

Martin Gaedke, University of Chemnitz, Germany

Hans Gellersen, Lancaster University, UK

Stamatis Karnouskos, SAP Research, Germany

Gerd Kortuem, University of Lancaster, UK

Marc Langheinrich, University of Lugano, Switzerland

Thomas Luckenbach, Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS, Germany

Friedemann Mattern, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Alexandros Marinos, University of Surrey, UK

Rene Mayrhofer, University of Vienna, Austria

Tatsuo Nakajima, Waseda University, Japan

Benedikt Ostermaier, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Cesare Pautasso, University of Lugano, Switzerland

Adrian Petcu, SAP Research, Switzerland

Dave Raggett, W3C, USA

Michael Smith, W3C, Japan

Vlad Stirbu, NOKIA, Finland

Inaki Vazquez, University of Deusto, Spain

Agnes Voisard, Fraunhofer ISST, Germany
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