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RE: URIs and OpenURLs (was:upcoming events for URI CG schedule?)

From: Mark Needleman <markn@sirsi.com>
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 14:43:07 -0500
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To: "'Leslie Daigle'" <leslie@thinkingcat.com>, public-uri-cg@w3.org


this came up because of a conference call I was participating in with NISO -
Im also on the W3C URI CG and this was raised there as well - I sent a note
to the chair of the OpenURL committee about this but havent gotten a
response for him yet either

Ill let Pat continue to coordinate this from the NISO site since I think
some of what she wants to talk about is more general then OpenURL - but
there are some OpenURL specific issues that need discussion

Mark Needleman

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From: Leslie Daigle [mailto:leslie@thinkingcat.com]
Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 2:37 PM
To: public-uri-cg@w3.org
Subject: Re: URIs and OpenURLs (was:upcoming events for URI CG

Sometime ago, I got a call from Pat Harris, of NISO,
wanting to do some coordinating with IETF, W3C and
OpenURL folk over the NISO standards work in this area.

I said, sure, let's telechat.  I haven't heard anything
from her in weeks (and her mail responder says she
won't be back until May 27), but I began to wonder --
has anyone from W3C-land heard from her?  Anyone else
aware of an effort to have a conversation?

I'm still trying to get a grip on where the points of
overlap with teh IANA registry are (and oughtn't be).


Martin Duerst wrote:
> At 09:53 03/05/09 -0400, Ray Denenberg wrote:
>> I really don't think the OpenURL folks honestly believe that their 
>> scheme will be adopted; I think they've put it up out of some 
>> frustration and cynicism. I don't completely understand why they think 
>> these things that they want to identify cannot be accomodated within 
>> the URI framework either with one or two new URI schemes or new URN 
>> namespace identifiers.  However I suspect it is because they have 
>> concluded that it is nearly impossible, or at least very difficult, to 
>> get new schemes or namspaces approved.
> Hello Ray,
> If the OpenURL people have concluded that to register new schemes
> or URN namespaces is very difficult, then I think they are wrong.
> I think deployment of new schemes/namespaces is difficult, but
> that's a different issue. For registration, a decent registration
> document and some thoroughness in following through is mostly
> what is needed.
> So I think it would be worth to find out more about whether your
> suspicion is true, and how it could be corrected.
> Regards,    Martin.


     Yours to discover."
                                -- ThinkingCat
Leslie Daigle
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