PlH said there is no need for a new Transition request.

the document is now at its final destination.

But I am unsure as is, we will get director's approuval before tuesday, unless maybe if you ping PlH to deal with this.

On 25/06/2018 11:51, Nigel Megitt wrote:
Thanks both,

Note that the CfC has not yet concluded so there is a chance that we make final tweaks, though little time remains. Nevertheless it is helpful to be a step ahead with getting this ready.

Thierry, please could you also update the transition request to point to the new locations, now that the pull requests are all merged. The ED would work, for example.


From: Thierry MICHEL <>
Date: Monday, 25 June 2018 at 10:41
To: Glenn Adams via GitHub <>, "" <>, Nigel Megitt <>
Subject: Re: [ttml2] Pull Request: Create CR2 publishing package.

Glenn, Nigel,

Tar package now uploaded at final destination at

The document is now ready for publication as it passes all validators.

But I can't send the publication request to the webmaster, as I don't have transition request approval from the director (see his earlier email).


On 25/06/2018 10:52, Glenn Adams via GitHub wrote:
skynavga has just submitted a new pull request for

== Create CR2 publishing package. ==



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