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Re: [DRAFT] Transition request: TTML2 to Candidate Recommendation - Second version (CR2).

From: Nigel Megitt <nigel.megitt@bbc.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2018 11:27:00 +0000
To: Thierry MICHEL <tmichel@w3.org>
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Hi Thierry, thank you for preparing this. Some comments inline below:

From: Thierry MICHEL <tmichel@w3.org<mailto:tmichel@w3.org>>
Date: Friday, 15 June 2018 at 17:05
To: Nigel Megitt <nigel.megitt@bbc.co.uk<mailto:nigel.megitt@bbc.co.uk>>
Cc: W3C Public TTWG <public-tt@w3.org<mailto:public-tt@w3.org>>
Subject: [DRAFT] Transition request: TTML2 to Candidate Recommendation - Second version (CR2).


Following is the draft for TTML2 to Candidate Recommendation - Second version (CR2).
Please let me know if you are OK and I will send it to director, etc.


This is a Transition request: TTML2 to Candidate Recommendation - Second version (CR2).

# Document title, URLs, estimated publication date

Timed Text Markup Language 2 (TTML2)
W3C Candidate Recommendation 28 June 2018

ED: https://rawgit.com/w3c/ttml2/ga/cr2-cfc-build/index.html

# Abstract


# Status

This section describes the status of this document at the time of its publication. Other documents may supersede this document. A list of current W3C publications and the latest revision of this technical report can be found in the W3C technical reports index at https://www.w3.org/TR/.

This is the Second Candidate Recommendation (CR2) of the Timed Text Markup Language 2 (TTML2), and is intended to be progressed to a W3C Recommendation. If you wish to make comments regarding this document, please file an issue on GitHub or send email to public-tt@w3.org<mailto:public-tt@w3.org> (subscribe, archives) with a subject line starting with [ttml2]. W3C publishes a Candidate Recommendation to indicate that the document is believed to be stable and to encourage implementation by the developer community. This Candidate Recommendation is expected to advance to Proposed Recommendation no earlier than 9 August 2018.

For this specification to exit CR, the following criteria must be met, as documented in the Working Group's implementation report. For each feature introduced in this specification:

    At least two independent implementations must support the feature. If both transformation semantics and presentation semantics are defined for the feature, then at least one implementation must be a transformation processor and at least one implementation must be a presentation processor;

    At least one of those implementations must be a validating processor that successfully verifies valid or invalid use of the feature as applicable.

The following features are at-risk, and may be dropped during the CR period:


The term “at-risk” is a W3C Process term-of-art, and does not necessarily imply that the feature is in danger of being dropped or delayed. It means that the Working Group believes the feature may have difficulty being interoperably implemented in a timely manner, and marking it as such allows the Working Group to drop the feature if necessary when transitioning to the Proposed Recommendation stage without having to publish a new Candidate Recommendation omitting the feature.

A cumulative summary of all changes applied to this version since the current (TTML1, 2nd Edition) Recommendation was published is available at Timed Text Markup Language 2 (TTML2) Change Summary. An abbreviated list of changes affecting language syntax can be found at U Changes to Vocabulary from TTML1.

This document has been produced by the Timed Text (TT) Working Group as part of the W3C Video in the Web Activity, following the procedures set out for the W3C Process. The authors of this document are listed in the header of this document.

Publication as a Candidate Recommendation does not imply endorsement by the W3C Membership. This is a draft document and may be updated, replaced or obsoleted by other documents at any time. It is inappropriate to cite this document as other than work in progress.

This document was produced by a group operating under the W3C Patent Policy. W3C maintains a public list of any patent disclosures made in connection with the deliverables of the group; that page also includes instructions for disclosing a patent. An individual who has actual knowledge of a patent which the individual believes contains Essential Claim(s) must disclose the information in accordance with section 6 of the W3C Patent Policy.

This document is governed by the 1 February 2018 W3C Process Document.

# Link to group's decision to request transition

Call for Consensus to request transition of TTML2 to CR2 is available at


The CfC says "if no objection to requesting transition is received by end of Tuesday 26th June then the Resolution is passed and I will request the transition to CR2".
During the June 14th TTWG call, PlH said that if we would request Transition to CR2 before 21st June, we could be able to publish CR2 on June 28th, pending there are no objection raised before June 26th. before .

Remove trailing "before ."

# Changes

Several substantive changes since previous CR1 publication (March 13th 2018),

Glenn told us the edits to the change list would be complete by the 21st so they should be merged to the ED by the time we issue this CfC.

Diff file between CR1 and CR2 is available at

We will need to regenerate that diff when the ED has been updated, since it is a fixed page not a dynamic one, and will not track updates.

Note the W3C HTML Diff service does not seem to be working:

Do we need this ^ in the transition request?

list of pull requests that were merged early can be viewed at

Do we need this ^ in the transition request, since the early merges will have expired before the CfC has ended?


# Requirements satisfied

N/A. The goal of TTML2 is described in the charter:

This isn't right: the requirements document at https://www.w3.org/TR/2006/NOTE-ttaf1-req-20060427/ remains valid. However I have not updated TTML2 appendix M at https://w3c.github.io/ttml2/index.html#requirements yet. I will prioritise doing this so that we can reference it directly in the transition request.

# Dependencies met (or not)

The Working Group maintains ongoing liaisons with various groups,
inlcuding SMPTE, EBU.

For wide reviews, the Group reached the Media and Enternaiment IG,
Privacy IG< Web Security IG, I18n, APA, Web Media Text Tracks CG, Web
Platform WG, CSS WG, TAG.

# Wide Review


# Issues addressed


That ^ doesn't look like the right link. The milestone 2 one is the correct one. Specifically, the closed issues are at https://github.com/w3c/ttml2/milestone/2?closed=1

CR2 issues are relevant to publication

# Formal Objections


# Implementation

Refer to above SotD, for exit criteria (remaining the same as CR1) and for list of features at risk.

Refer to implementation report for implementation experience.

 # Patent disclosures




Nigel Megitt, Chair of the Timed Text Working Group.
Thierry Michel, Team Contact for the Timed Text Working Group.



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