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IMSC 1 timeline

From: Nigel Megitt <nigel.megitt@bbc.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 17:22:03 +0000
To: TTWG <public-tt@w3.org>
Message-ID: <CFEF1646.204D6%nigel.megitt@bbc.co.uk>

I'd like to propose that we specify a timeline for IMSC 1 to expedite publication:

* All issues with the editor's draft to be raised by 5th September;
* Any new issues arising purely from the consideration of TTML <--> WebVTT mapping at our Geneva F2F, to be submitted ASAP after that meeting;
* Version suitable for review prior to submission as Last Call by October 15, with all issues either resolved or deferred (until the LC review process or v.future).

Please consider this timeline and raise any objections (or confirm that you're happy with this) on the reflector.

I aim to make this a resolution in our call of 24th July, and, to ensure that there can be no doubt that we have met our charter requirement to "consider for adoption features from existing formats, such as CEA608 or CEA708, or developed by groups such as SMPTE, DECE and EBU." to notify those groups by liaison email 10 days after we have made that resolution, i.e. on Monday 4th August.

Kind regards,

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