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Minutes of TT telecon 29th May 2009

From: David Kirby <david.kirby@rd.bbc.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 18:38:20 +0100
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Timed-text working group minutes 29 May 2009

Sean Hayes (SH, co-chair)
David Kirby (DK, co-chair, scribe)
Glenn Adams (GA)
Philippe le Hegaret (PH)
Frans de Jong (FJ)
Andrew Kirkpatrick (AK)

Regrets or absent:
Geoff Freed
John Birch

Note: ***** There will be no call on 5th June - the next call will be 
12th June *****

Minutes from call

GA & SH - discussion on clear timing, and recent changes for dynamic flow.

Moving to discussion on Last Call....

GA: Should we change to new Change Log format?
PH: Don't mind, either format, easiest to keep with current one.

GA: Should we hold back from moving to Last Call for one week as this 
would allow time for some further amendments to dynamic flow (as just 
SH: Prefer to go to Last Call next week, as planned, and make these 
amendments afterwards. Dynamic flow is marked as "At Risk" anyway, so 
later changes there are less of a problem.
DK: Agreed, prefer to move to LC next week.
GA: OK, can go along with that
GA: Will update section O.3 and include comments from Sean today, then 
will have updated editor's draft available over the weekend for 
submission on Monday 1st June.

SH: any disagreement that we move to Last Call next week?
 [No disagreement forthcoming] (Geoff previously noted by email that he 
has no objections)

RESOLUTION (unanimous): Move to Last Call on 1st June 2009

PH: Are there any problems with the changes I made to the WD version a 
few weeks ago, in preparation for publication?
[None noted]
GA: Will update document, remove diff markup and sent to PH.
PH: OK, will wait for that and submit on Monday, expect publication on 
2nd June.

SH: Anything else to report?
AK: We now have a developer working on an implementation

PH: We'll need to resume work on Test Suite during LC
GA: SH was updating test suite - is new version available?
SH: sent to PH a while ago
PH: will check what has been published (believed to be latest version) 
but this will now need updating because of recent changes.
GA: Will have resources to check against spec during June
SH: One example is that xml:lang isn't is some of the test files
PH: We need to check test suite against the formal schema too
GA: will be able to do some checks
PH: I can also run validation tests for this
SH: Won't be able to work on test suite until 10/11th June so if PH can 
run validation tests and make changes prior to that, there won't be any 
GA: it should be relatively easy to validate against RNC schema

SH: Many thanks to Glenn for his hard work in getting the document to 
this stage.

Next call: 12th June
Agenda will be a) discuss any last call comments b) test suite
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