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Re: Minutes of TT telecon 16 Jan 2009

From: Michael A Dolan <md.1@newtbt.com>
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2009 10:54:59 -0800
To: public-tt@w3.org
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David and all-

The Friday timeslot is generally not good for me, so I can't make 
these calls very often - nearly standing regrets, I'm afraid.  But 
don't take that as not being interested in the work.

Regarding 708, last November I got CEA to prepare an outbound liaison 
to W3C providing some guidance on the "sweet spot" of the spec to 
focus on.  But I can't find that it was ever sent to Philippe or that 
it was circulated here.  I'll follow up.


At 05:12 PM 1/16/2009 +0000, David Kirby wrote:

>Timed-text working group minutes 16 January 2009
>David Kirby (DK, co-chair, scribe)
>Sean Hayes (SH, co-chair)
>Geoff Freed (GF)
>Andrew Kirkpatrick (AK)
>Glenn Adams (GA)
>Philippe le Hegaret (PH) via irc
>John Birch
>Frans De Jong
>Minutes from call
>PH: Awaiting implementations from AK and SH; this is starting to get 
>in the way of progress.
>AK: sorting out our implementation has been delayed; hope to have it 
>ready today.
>SH: should have the Microsoft implementation ready by end of Feb.
>GF: Some questions arising - bidi-override and direction - are these 
>both needed?
>GA: Yes, bidi-override and direction are independent parameters and 
>both are required for Hebrew and Arabic text. To be consistent with 
>W3C translation of Unicode to XML we need both parameters.
>GF: For consistency with CEA 708, in earlier discussion said we need 
>some features...
>AK: for example, borders on regions...
>GF: I'm undecided as to whether we really need to hold up the 
>process in order to include these in DFXP.
>AK: I'm wondering about that too - does any manufacturer use this?
>SH: this goes back to the discussion as to whether we should be able 
>to round-trip 708. It's not definitely needed in DFXP, but we should 
>check that the lack of some of these features from 708 isn't going 
>to be a problem.
>GF: region transparancy/fading falls into this category
>GA: for fading, if it really is needed, we have a way of doing it 
>now [using set??] so nothing needs to be added.
>GF: Unsure about demand for some of these 708 features in US; 
>possibly not really needed at the moment.
>GA: Looking at Q4 of issues questionaire - metadata already seems to 
>be supported on regions.
>SH: metadata data attributes allowed there but not elements
>DK: Re Q6, some of the test files appear to use ttm:descr rather 
>than ttm:desc - is that correct?
>SH: Philippe fixed those earlier; they should be ttm:desc.
>DK: Looking at timing tests just emailed by Sean, at least one of 
>them seems to use ttm:descr.
>SH: May have sent earlier versions to list; will check.
>DK: Re ttm:actor - this isn't included in tests yet as unclear on 
>exactly how it is to be used.
>GA: ttm:actor links a real agent, e.g. Sean Connery, to a fictional 
>one, e.g. "James Bond". Will send example to the list for discussion.
>DK: It seems to be conveying details that could be carried as an 
>attribute of ttm:agent and this may be an easier way to do it. Will 
>consider this more once example is available via list.
>SH: can Philippe add a text box to the questionaire, where it says 
>"Needs discussion"
>GA: suggest this be a separate field to allow comments whatever the answer.
>[DK - request forwarded to PH via IRC just after the call - and done 
>by Philippe before I managed to get these minutes out!]
>GA: report progress on editing of revised Rec - changes to 
>tts:extent finished, work on default region is underway. Will also 
>add "requiredFeatures" and those related elements, as previously 
>discussed, as editor's notes for consideration. Updated spec should 
>be available sometime next week.
>GA: Note that Q19 (throughLine or lineThrough) has already been 
>fixed as it was really a typo.
>[Call ends]
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