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Minutes of telecon 24th Oct 2008

From: David Kirby <david.kirby@rd.bbc.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2008 17:11:48 +0100
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Timed-text working group minutes October 24, 2008

David Kirby (DK, chair, scribe)
Don Evans (DE)
Andrew Kirkpatrick (AK)
Glenn Adams  (GA)
Geoff Freed (GF)
John Birch (JB)

Frans de Jong
Sean Hayes 
Mike Dolan
Philippe le Hegaret 

1. Action items
DK: Revised coverage details done; implementation details provided by Geoff.
Any progress with the Microsoft implementation details - Sean?

2. Implementations
    *Are any further details available for the spreadsheet?

AK: Details for 3 or 4 implementations should be ready shortly; JVplayer also supports DFXP so could be added.
JB: Details for one of their partner's products may be available too.

3. Test suite
    *Any additions to the test suite?

GA: Expect to have further tests added during the next week. Will report back at the next meeting. Coverage should then be nearer to 70-80%.
DK: Suggest we add some typical captioning/subtitling examples as this may help to increase coverage and would be useful for later interoperability testing.

    *Review coverage details from Philippe - see http://www.w3.org/2008/10/dfxp-test-coverage.html
    *Documentation of expected results from each test

Discussion on how we should conduct the tests. For the test files that produce visible results, each haa png files with them so testing means confirming that the implementation displays in a similar way. Should we be checking each item (192 of them) in the coverage list? Probably not necessary but should try to exercise each enumerated value.

JB: By 'read the dfxp' does that mean the result must be displayed? 
DK: Where the feature affects the displayed result, that has to be checked so the result needs to be displayed. For metadata, where the display is unaffected, checking that the software correctly parses the xml and extracts the details should be sufficient.

JB: Does Philippe's coverage list include the files that Russ Wood (Softel) produced earlier? These exercised certain features and it would be useful to include them.

DK: Probably not. Will check where they are and ask Philippe to include them.

4. Initial tests
    * Can we run initial tests with the test suite?
    * If not, what else is needs to be in place?

GA: Yes, no reason why we shouldn't run tests now.

Discussion on test reporting. What is required from the tests, and how much detail?
GA: We should check on what SVG and SMIL groups have done
GF: Posting SMIL link to list: http://www.w3.org/2007/SMIL30/testsuite/
GF: [Volunteers to look over SVG, SMIL and others, to see what has been done, and then report back]

AK: Some further guidance on what is expected from the tests would be useful. Could this be added to the coverage list?

JB & AK: Don't have test suite link
DK: Will post after the call

GF: Will try running some of the tests on NCAM implementations.

5. Tracker for issues
    *Start to capture issues in tracker?
DK: We have several points coming up in emails and need to keep track of where we are with them. Propose we start using Tracker.

6. 708 translation (postpone, as Sean can't make this call)

GF: As this will take some time to cover can we make sure 708 discussion is higher on the agenda for later calls?

7. Discussion items and errata 

end of call

**Note that the next call will be Friday 31st at 10:00am/eastern,
3:00pm/UK, 7:00am/pacific.**
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