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Re: Where is Timed-Text going?

From: Neil Smith [MVP, Digital media] <php@comatose.freeserve.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2004 17:29:33 +0100
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To: public-tt@w3.org

Sorry, Jose I can definitely state that throughout the windows media player 
10 beta, no consideration was made towards improving the timed-text 
elements of the player. I was involved in the private Beta, and it wasn't 
even possible to get the MS team to work on the current deficiencies in SAMI.

We will probably not expect to see another version of WMP for over 2 years.
So I would definitely expect WMP to be out of the loop on that one.

Apple and to a lesser extent Real, might be interested in adding these 
features to their players though.

To be fair, the last publix working draft was released almost exactly a 
year ago. So I think the current pace of progress on W3C-TT might fairly be 
described as 'pedestrian'. (Saying that without taking away anything from 
the excellent spec work you guys are doing, of course).

It would be nice to see some final specs being released, unless I'm on the 
wrong page (http://www.w3.org/AudioVideo/TT/#Specificat)

Cheers - Neil

At 07:28 07/09/2004 -0700, Jose Ramirez wrote:

>Glenn A. Adams wrote:
>>Hi Jose,
>>Thanks for your question. The Timed Text Working Group is busily
>>preparing a working draft for a recommendation track technical
>>specification. It appears that the initial WD will address what is being
>>called the "Distribution Format Exchange Profile" (DFXP) of the Timed
>>Text Authoring Format (TT-AF). A follow-on WD is expected to address
>>what is being called the "Authoring Format Exchange Profile", which, in
>>effect, is a "full" profile of the TT-AF.
>>The group agrees with your sentiment that "text is important" and is
>>working towards defining a good solution towards a standardized media
>>object for text.
>>The SYMM WG, presently working on SMIL, is independent from the TT WG,
>>although we enjoy close and frequent interaction between the two WGs.
>>You can be sure that the resulting WDs produced by the TT WG will be
>>usable in the SMIL context (as well as others).
>>Glenn Adams, Chair TTWG
>Thanks Glenn, that's good news.
>I guess it's too soon to ask which players will support TT :)
>Hopefully the list of features in both profiles will be something
>that all the players (Ambulant, RealPlayer, QuickTime, Windows Media 
>Player) can fully support and relatively soon.
>Good Luck,
>Jose Ramirez
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