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Minutes of TT WG Teleconference on 03/11/04

From: Thierry MICHEL <tmichel@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 15:44:03 +0200
To: <public-tt@w3.org>
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Minutes of TT WG Teleconference on 03/11/04


  Glenn Adams (XFSI, Chair, Scribe) [GA]
  Geoff Freed (WGBH/NCAM, scribe) [GF]
  Sean Hayes, Microsoft (SH)
  Erik Hodge (RealNetworks) [EH]
  Thierry Michel (W3C) [TM]


  Mike Dolan (invited expert) [MD]
  David Kirby (BBC) [DK]


  Dave Singer (Apple) [DS]

Draft Agenda

1. Review plans for upcoming F2F meetings.
2. Review F2F results.
3. Plan next steps.

1. Review plans for upcoming F2F meetings

For next F2F in Amsterdam: plan to start on 10:30AM on May 10;
tentative plan to go to COB on Wed, but depends on room availability.

For subsequent F2F in Mt View: looks good for [GF] so far. Sounds
good for [EH].

Regrets for [GF] and [EH] for 03/18 CC.

2. Review F2F results

[GA] Review resolutions/outcome:

* will not merge into SYMM WG (but will try to co-locate when

* will extend charter at end of 2004 if necessary provided making
good process on REC;

* will use subset of XQuery1/XPath2 for both style/timing selection;

* will define style/timing at LF layer; style being applicative or
inline or both, timing being applicative or inline but not both;

* will limit style at PF and NF layers to referential or inline or

* will limit timing a PF and NF layers to inline only;

3. Plan next steps

[**] Provide updates to module drafts by 03/26; [GA] will then merge
WD for internal WG review; subsequent edits will occur in WD;

[GF] Rework style module to normatively reference XSL-FO or CSS for
style definitions; need to begin developing code and visual examples;
should use SVG for visual examples;

[EH] Rework timing module to normatively reference SMIL 2.0 for
semantics of timing elts/attrs, but subset/constrain/extend as

4. Next Meetings

Normal weekly telecon schedule (Noon Eastern Time)

May 10-12 F2F Amsterdam (CWI); start 10:30AM on 10th, end 1800h on 12th
Jun 22-24 F2F Mt View, CA (Microsoft)




Action: [SH] Will investigate use of media queries in this context and
report back.

Action: [DS with help of Paul Nelson and Peter Lofting] Write RFC to
register appropriate opentype/truetype font types as MIME media types,
suggest model of "application/font-<font-type-name>", e.g.,

Action: [GA] Make proposal regarding use of Xlink vocabulary or
"src" attribute.

Action: [GF] Investigate whether to use IRIs instead of URIs?
Note: XPointer and Namespaces in 1.1 use IRIs?

Action: [SH] Investigate use of "role" vs "class" attribute.

Action: [GF] Investigate mechanism for cascading
semantics and whether to support cascading on either or both
logical and presentation flowed vocabularies.

Action: [GA] Draft new requirement on "Integrability"
in general terms that should not impact testing or implementation

Action: [GA] incorporate agreed changes into TT-AF-1-0-REQ in
preparation for publishing final W3C Note.

Action: [SH] will review and propose subset of aural parameters
(see R305).

Action: [GA] Add figure showing logical structure anticipated
by requirements.

Action: [GA] Add note to R217 and R219 that shows use of data: URI

Action: [TM] Find out if xpointer() scheme WD [1] is still being
progressed forward.

[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/xptr-xpointer/#document-order-notation

Action: [SH] to propose subset with extensions for use in CS

Action: [GA]/[GF] investigate syntax for regions vis-a-vis style.

Action: [DK] To write up short paragraph on uses of
role tokens. Suggest removing or adding as he

Action: [TM] to propose and define standard MD attributes.

Action: [*] Think about standard MD items (and write something
down and send to list so we can think about it too).

Action: [GA] Need to start planning for June meeting in Japan!

Action: [GA] Post edited draft minutes for previous F2F (02/04)
for review.

Action: [TM] consult with W3C Legal to determine whether requirements
exist to explicitly obtain disclosure from past and current public
comments that have resulted in requirements, etc., specifically,
requirement R307. Note that this question is in regard to current
TTWG status under CPP.

Action: [TM] review test suites developed by RDF WG, which focused on
authorial intent, to see if some concepts and methodology can be
reused in TTWG context.

Action: [TM] Will research CR exit criteria and make proposal.

Action: [SH] to draft standard ready text for subset of xquery.

Action: [GA] post example file to member reflector.

Action: [DS] Based on email of 01/14, integrate with fillBehavior as
described in example.

Action: [SH] make proposal regarding keeping or removing float style


Issue: Whether to use XLink vocabulary, e.g., as used consistently by
SVG, or use "src" attribute as apparently will be done in XHTML2?

Issue: Whether to use IRIs instead of URIs? Note: XPointer and
Namespaces in 1.1 use IRIs?

Issue: Should we use "class" instead of "role"?

Issue: Probably want to permit in logical content mode the selection of
content based on generic XML features of non-TT namespace descriptive
markup, e.g., for applying style and timing semantics, in which case an
appropriate TT container element shall be implied based on nearest
ancestor TT namespace element.

Issue: Need to think about cascading semantics; how to express, how to
apply, etc. Possibly use CSS semantics here as well.

Issue (2004-03-05): Whether to allow block as immediate child of
inline? N.B. XSL-FO does allow this. [GA] showed example of renmoji
(horizontal block in vertical Japanese lines).

Thierry MICHEL
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