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Minutes - 03/27/03 Telecon

From: Glenn A. Adams <glenn@xfsi.com>
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 09:24:29 -0400
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Minutes of TT WG Teleconference on 03/27/03

  Mark Hakkinen [MH] (acting as chair, scribe)
  Dave Singer [DS]
  Geoff Freed [GF]
  Katie Haritos-Shea [KH]
  Thierry Michel [TM]

  Erik Hodge
  Michael Dolan
  Brad Botkin
  Gerry Field
  Glenn Adams

(send corrections/updates to list)

General Status updates by attendees:

DS: Animation document still in progress... need RT and SAMI specs.

MH: will send SAMI links to David and to list.

GF: Basic Style Attributes document, from existing specs, is about 75%
complete. Probably by next meeting.

MH: Word highlight document in progress. Probably by next meeting.

Review of Action Items

A-3: [GA] to inform Chris Lilley of location of comparison document so
that he can fill in an "SVG" column.

TM will take this task.

A-7: [*] Consider need for CSS3 text module features.

BB/GF will take this as part of style attributes work.

A-10: [DS] to work with [GA] on resource list.

DS requests that the WG members send suggested resources to the list.

Review of Issues (only those which generated discussion):

I-1: Whether to support conditional constructions (e.g., switch)?

DS, MH, GF voice support for conditional constructions

I-3: Whether to support non-flowed text, flowed text, or both?

Some discussion. No conclusion - open

I-4: Should we support both intrinsic and extrinsic text? i.e., text
internal and/or external to TT document(s)?

General consensus to support both, but more discussion needed.

I-5: How to handle highlighting? [N.B. See A-9]

MH: working on proposal. XPointer (now a rec) will be in proposal.

I-6: Whether to support writing-mode and unicode-bidi?

General consensus, Yes

DS: but concern when I-3 is considered... can be hard to do when
supporting text flow.

I-7: Whether to support excl/priorityClass?


GF: useful for extended audio description

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