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Minutes - 02/13/03 Telecon

From: Glenn A. Adams <glenn@xfsi.com>
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 16:31:22 -0500
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Minutes Timed Text Working Group
Date: February 13, 2003
Scribe: George Kerscher


  Glenn Adams (XFSI, Chair) [GA]
  Erik Hodge (RealNetworks) [EH]
  Markus Gylling (Daisy)  [MG]
  Markku Hakkinen (JSRPD) [MH]
  Dave Singer (Apple) [DS]
  Mike Dolan (invited expert) [MD] (Mike joined at 12:30 Eastern)


  Geoff Freed (WGBH/NCAM, Invited Expert
  Patrick Schmitz (Ludicrum, Invited Expert) 
  Thierry Michel (W3C) 


  Gerry Field (WGBH/NCAM, Invited Expert) 

1. Review of Action Items from Last conference call

[GA]: Post reminder about registration -- Done

[GA]: Post tt comparison document -- Done

[GA]: Request meeting with SVG for f2f meeting -- still open

[GA]: request items for F2f Done
Comment: the call for f2f items has been made, but items are  still welcome.

2. Review [GA]'s TT Comparison
Discussion of the assigned  areas for posting:

[GA] -- Text
[GF] -- Style
[EH] -- Timing
[MG]/[MH] --  semantics
[MD] -- Metadata
[GA] -- animation

[EH]: What is expected from these assigned people?  The information on
each area was put forward by [GA] in his TT Comparison document.
People should be commenting on this and developing the ideas.

[EH] and [DS] are requested to help fill in the columns in the TT
Comparison document.

[GA] is trying to recruiting Wu Chang from NIST, who has been working
on metadata issues with MPEG 7. Wu Chang is not sure of NIST's ability
to participate, but will report back. MPEG 7 has extensive metadata
that we need to investigate. [GA] should add links to documentation of
the specifications in the TT Comparison document.

3. Authoring and streaming discussion Delivery can be done by sending
whole or pieces of documents. MPEG 7 has tried to address this. MPEG
treats the XML document as a tree and sends incremental updates and has
a well-formed XML representation at any time.

If MPEG 7 has solved this problem, it would be interesting to us. The
XPLAY may hold IPR in this area and would need to make RF commitments
to incorporate this technology. Further discussion about our role in
developing an authoring specification and/or a streaming specification.

There seems to be agreement that we want to create an authoring format
that could be used natively and transformed/trans coded into other
distribution formats.

Streaming is a separate issue. The problems of addressing both
streaming and authoring is complex.

The topic of a streaming format is secondary, but there is a
requirement of the authoring format that it can be used to produce
streaming formats.


Part 1 -- The TT WG will produce an authoring specification . The
specification will allow for trans coding and transformations to
streaming formats.

Part 2 -- The specifications for streaming will be deferred to a later

Action item: [GA] to post to publicTT the resolution approved above.
Before the next conference call.

Discussion of "Scope of the Problem" email with PDF attachment of

Action Item: [MD] to create a description of these images.

Requests for comment will be posted to the public TT. [MD] will be
maintaining this graphic.  (Consider SVG version for inclusion in
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