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metadata strategy

From: Michael A. Dolan <miked@tbt.com>
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2003 15:23:52 -0800
Message-Id: <>
To: public-tt@w3.org (W3C Public TT)

I accepted an action item at a past meeting for taking the first pass at 
the metadata requirements for TT.  As a place to start, Markus kindly 
provided me with pointers to the book related specifications, namely DAISY, 
Z39.86 and OpenBook.

These all define metadata taken from the Dublin Core set, as well as NCC 
(in DAISY).

Not too surprising, some of the above metadata defined (NCC) is somewhat 
book-centric.  That is, it may or may not have general applicability to all 
of timed text as an authoring format that could be encoded into all the 
various streaming formats we have identified.

Further, David Kirby of the BBC identified a series of metadata items 
(embedded in Glenn's posting of Sunday, 2-Mar) somewhat specific to television.

So, I would like to propose a strategy for arriving at the set of metadata 
for TT as follows:

1. The set of possible metadata be drawn from the set of metadata in use 
from the existing application area needs.  (This is in contrast to trying 
to develop abstract requirements.)
2. Minimally, the core metadata set should be approximately the 
intersection of the application area needs.
3. Full metadata lists should be organized as extension modules for each 
application area or perhaps common modules as we discover smaller, 
non-complete, intersections.

An analysis of all the possible target streaming formats needs for metadata 
is a more daunting task not for one person just as such a functional 
analysis for the TT essence will be.  So, by way of this email, I would 
like to solicit volunteers active in the identified application areas to 
provide a one-time first cut contribution and then act as a point of 
contact for metadata for each application area.  The identified areas are:


Please reply to me (or to the list) if you are willing to be this person.

Thanks and regards,


Michael A. Dolan  TerraByte Technology    (619)445-9070
PO Box 1673 Alpine, CA 91903 USA  FAX: (208)545-6564
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