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Re: TT and subtitling

From: Charles Wiltgen <lists@wiltgen.net>
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 21:18:47 -0800
To: List € W3C Timed Text <public-tt@w3.org>
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John Glauert wrote...

> * Some semantics should be built in.
>  - Language

Again stealing from a mature specification, here's Proposal 0.0 in two

    <seq systemLanguage="en">
        <tt:p begin="0s" dur="5s">One</tt:p>
        <tt:p dur="10s">Two</tt:p>
        <tt:p begin="1s" dur="5s" class="important">Three</tt:p>
    <seq systemLanguage="fr">
        <tt:p begin="0s" dur="5s">Un</tt:p>
        <tt:p dur="10s">Deux</tt:p>
        <tt:p begin="1s" dur="5s">Trois</tt:p>

This could also be done like this, I believe:

        <tt:p begin="0s" dur="5s" systemLanguage="en">One</tt:p>
        <tt:p begin="0s" dur="5s" systemLanguage="fr">Un</tt:p>
        <tt:p dur="10s" systemLanguage="en">Two</tt:p>
        <tt:p dur="10s" systemLanguage="fr">Deux</tt:p>
        <tt:p begin="1s" dur="5s" systemLanguage="en">Three</tt:p>
        <tt:p begin="1s" dur="5s" systemLanguage="fr">Trois</tt:p>

> I would like to add a plea to consider non-text!

If TT is an extension of SMIL, then we get audio/video integration for free.

-- Charles Wiltgen
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