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RE: Proposal 0.0

From: <lists@wiltgen.net>
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003 09:10:11 -0800 (PST)
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> TCIn 01:03:28:18        TCOut 01:03:30:00         "Jack, je tenais à vous
> prévenir."
> TCIn 01:03:32:05         TCOut 01:03:35:10         "Elle va mal. Son état
> s&apos;est beaucoup aggravé.
> TCIn 01:03:35:24         TCOut 01:03:38:04        "Je lui ai donné des
> calmants."

Great, this is an even simpler example.  A couple of the more serious issues:

-- You're using SMPTE time code, which uses an
hours:minutes:seconds:frames format.  Since "frame" isn't an agreed-upon
unit of measurement (are we talking NTSC? PAL/SECAM? Film? Drop frame or
non-drop frame?), that doesn't work.

-- You've invented a new file format, which means that you have to invent
everything around that.  You have to evangelize tool vendors to adopt Yet
Another File Format which, unlike XML, there's no OS-level support for.
You have to invent methods for verifying legal files.  It doesn't play
well with other standards.  Etc.

Here's your example recast as Proposal 0.0.  Since you used French, I'm
assuming SECAM and that your frame units were intended to be 1/25th of a
second.  I've made everything relative except for the start so that it
will still work appended to something else (such as an ad).  I don't
promise that all of the frame-to-time math is perfect.

<seq begin="01:03:28.720">
   <tt:p dur="01.280">
      Jack, je tenais à vous prévenir
   <tt:p begin="02.200" dur="03.200">
      Elle va mal. Son états&apos;est beaucoup aggravé.
   <tt:p begin="00.760" dur="02.240">
      Je lui ai donné des calmants.

-- Charles Wiltgen
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