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RE: RE: Proposal 0.0

From: <Johnb@screen.subtitling.com>
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003 16:32:21 -0000
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To: geoff_freed@wgbh.org
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Johnb@screen.subtitling.com wrote:

>TCIn 01:03:28:18	TCOut 01:03:30:00 	"Jack, je tenais à vous
>TCIn 01:03:32:05 	TCOut 01:03:35:10 	"Elle va mal. Son état
>s&apos;est beaucoup aggravé.
>TCIn 01:03:35:24 	TCOut 01:03:38:04	"Je lui ai donné des

Geoff Freed wrote:

>Between subtitles two and three, above, there's a pause of 14 frames.  For
such a short pause, I don't see a 
>need to require an out time to erase the display.  Instead, simply let the
third subtitle replace the second.  
>That's how many captioning agencies do it today, and it's a good model.
Captions that are
>sequenced with tiny pauses between them cause the viewer to blink, and
that's annoying.  
>If you need to pause between captions-- e.g., if there's nobody speaking-- 
>*then* erase the display with an out time.  Otherwise it would be best to
simply let the captions appear 
>smoothly one after the other with no pause.

I'm not going to argue the case either way for timing between subtitles /
captions. It's entirely a matter for
the author and intended audience to resolve. I've seen it done all ways :-).
In the European market subtitles tend to be spaced. For add-on and snake
subtitling, sub second intervals for subtitling would be required.

Regardless, for TT to be universally useful, restrictions on duration or
timing accuracy should be avoided.


John Birch

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