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RE: TT and subtitling/captioning - separating timing from style from content

From: Glenn A. Adams <glenn@xfsi.com>
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 12:38:10 -0400
Message-ID: <7249D02C4D2DFD4D80F2E040E8CAF37C03BCCF@longxuyen.xfsi.com>
To: <Johnb@screen.subtitling.com>
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We could dispense with spans in the following example if we supported XPointer's range functionality (e.g., see [1]). We wouldn't want to restrict authors from marking up each span if they wish. Note that the two mechanisms are semantically equivalent, so this is just an optimization (i.e., to use range).

As for whitespace, you neglect that there is whitespace between the spans (e.g., newline), which would be normalized by formatter in conjunction with xml:space preservation or default processing semantics. In other words, it isn't required to include the whitespace in spans in this example.
[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/xptr-xpointer/#appA


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	Sent: Friday, August 08, 2003 12:26 PM
	To: Glenn A. Adams
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		The last cue does not select content because I want the animation to affect the content already selected by the previous two cues.

			GA: this would still require selecting content. It would be awkward to have an implicit selection.
			[JB> ] I don't have a problem with selecting the content - I can see how implicit slection could cause complications witrh inherited style etc.

	in your example reproduced below....
	  p { display : none; color: blue }
	  <animation id="a1">
	    <set attributeName="display" to="auto"/>
	  <animation id="a2">
	    <set attributeName="color" to="red"/>
	  <cue select="id(p1)" use="a1"/>
	    <cue select="id(w1)" use="a2" dur="1"/>
	    <cue select="id(w2)" use="a2" dur="1"/>
	    <cue select="id(w3)" use="a2" dur="1"/>
	    <cue select="id(w4)" use="a2" dur="1"/>
	    <cue select="id(w5)" use="a2" dur="1"/>
	    <cue select="id(w6)" use="a2" dur="1"/>
	<p id="p1">
	  <span id="w1">Scooby</span>
	  <span id="w2">dooby</span>
	  <span id="w3">doo</span>,
	  <span id="w4">where</span>
	  <span id="w5">are</span>
	  <span id="w6">you</span>?
	Can we dispense with the spans, i.e. is there a way that the select can extract from a single element. BTW Your spans lost the whitespace - unless there is some assumed mechanism for re-inserting it?.
	<p id="p1">
	  Scooby dooby doo where are you?
	John Birch 
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