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Agenda for January 29, 2014

From: Ninja Marnau <ninja@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2014 20:26:42 +0100
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This week, the co-chairs will talk about the advancement of the TPE spec 
to Last Call and the steps the group needs to take.
We have narrowed down the remaining ISSUES and will probably proceed to 
Call for Objections within the next two weeks. Therefore, the co-chairs 
will start to take up ISSUES from the Compliance spec in February.



1. Confirmation of scribe. Volunteers welcome!

2. Offline-caller-identification (see end for instructions)

--- Issues for this Call ---

Note: See more info at the end for details.

ISSUE-217 and ISSUE-228: Definition of network interaction
January 29: M7 (announcement): Results are announced

Announcement: Getting closer to Last Call

ISSUE-240: Do we need to define context?
January 29: M2 (discussion): List of change proposals is frozen; 
Discussion whether clear consensus emerges for one change proposal
February 5: M3 (announcement): Call for objections to validate / 
determine consensus

ISSUE-241: Distinguish elements for site-internal use and elements that 
can be re-used by others (1/3)

January 29: M1 (discussion): Initial change proposals have been 
submitted; Discussion on change proposals; Call for final list of change 
February 5: M2 (discussion): List of change proposals is frozen; 
Discussion whether clear consensus emerges for one change proposal


Reminder for open Call for Objection:

ISSUE-153: Limitations for add-ons
Deadline - January 29
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