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Re: Peter Swire's appointment to President's Review Group, and resignation as Co-Chair

From: Kevin Kiley <kevin.kiley@3pmobile.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2013 22:59:51 +0000
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>> Jeff Jaffe ( CEO of the W3C ) wrote...
>> We don't have a replacement Chair waiting in the wings.
>> While the Staff has created an initial candidate list,
>> I'm also open to input

Please consider inviting Jonathan Mayer to re-join the group in that capacity.

Probably no one has done more to both initiate and advance the work
of this group than Mr. Mayer, and he deserves the right to participate
in pursuing it to a successful result.

>> Characteristics I am looking for include:
>> Someone who is knowledgeable in the group's work who can "hit the ground running"

That would be Mr. Mayer. Unlike Mr. Swire... he has been there since day one
and understands the FULL range of the group's work and ALL of the working
documents and the issues raised since day one... including the original TCS ( and
associated open issues ) that was 'tossed aside' during Mr. Swire's engagement
with this group.

>> Someone capable of working with all stakeholders to forge a consensus

Again... that would be Mr. Mayer.

Few people in this group have shown a greater capacity for working
professionally and diligently with 'the other side' in order to reach
a consensus on contentious issues. Mr. Mayer's engagement with
Shane Wiley alone and their often heated ( but professional ) debates
proves that. If it is even possible to satisfy Mr. Wiley to the point
where he is willing to grant consensus... Mr. Mayer has already
proven he has the 'fighting chance' to accomplish that.

Even during the recent 'fire drills' with carte-blanche replacements of
existing Working Drafts and the clear violations of normal W3C procedures...
Mr. Mayer was the one who was demonstrating far more respect for actual
W3C rules, regulations, and procedures than Mr. Swire ever did.

I think he's your man ( if he is at all still interested ).

Kevin Kiley

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